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Jan 6, 2010 09:41 AM

Esca Tasting Menu?

Headed to Esca this week and I am going back and forth on the tasting menu vs. a bunch of a la carte options. I will be there with 3 others and am assuming if we all get the tasting menu it could be a lame dinner, whereas if we order a la carte we can all try many different things. Another consideration for us is cost. I know this place is expensive, and I dont mind shelling out the 125$ for the tasting menu if its worth it.

Long story short has anyone done the tasting at Esca, and do you think its worth it or should we go a la carte?

Thanks All

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    1. re: jdg5005

      I'd go with the tasting menu and maybe you can ask to switch up a dish or two. Sharing a full meal with a group at a place such as Esca can be a bit clumsy, especially if one dish is a hit but there is not enough of it to satisfy.

    2. I have never tried the tasting menu there, but I have always enjoyed my a la carte meals. We usually like to start with crudo, then the uni pasta and the whole fish. There are a number of very interesting appetizers as well (we like the anchovies, which are a staple), and if you share as a table, you can try more options. Hope this helps.