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Jan 6, 2010 09:20 AM

Restaurant Closings - 2010

Use this thread for restaurant closings in 2010.

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  1. Passed by Mestiza Sunday (the little Mexican grocery store-brunch place, on St-Zotique), and the local looked empty! Very sad, I will cherish the remaining jar of their home salsa in my frige.

    (I didn't see any current closing 2010 thread, I hope this is the used one?)

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    1. re: sweettoothMTL

      They're continuing to produce their products, just no retail outlet. Saw some at La D├ępense in JTM.

      1. re: FoodNovice

        Thanks for the info, that's good news. But I will miss what little food she made on the premises, especially that week-end brunch, in the summer, they had a good terrasse, always very quiet. Altough I hadn't stopped by for food since september, so I can't really be upset.

        1. re: sweettoothMTL

          If you want to keep in touch, you can sign up to her newsletter here:

          that's how I found out about her product line.

    2. posted in the wrong year ... and post was delete. go figure what I originally wrote!

      Los Classicos (mexican on St-Laurent) is closed, and as Carswell wrote, most probably also the second shop on St-Catherine.

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      1. re: Maximilien

        WHAT?? I tought this place was doing ok. Well, bad start of the year for the decent mexican places...altough I didn't know they had a St-Catherine outlet.

        1. re: Maximilien

          For the search engine, it is/was Los Clasicos sans double s. And going to their website still garners you a "server not found" message.

          Have to admit I didn't see this one coming. Their St-Laurent shop was fairly busy whenever I was there or walked by.

          Back to humdrum Mexican, I guess. Bummer.

          1. re: carswell

            I ate at the Los Clasicos on Ste-Catherine once and I must say it was one of the more disgusting meals I've had anywhere. I was so disappointed because I'd heard such good things about the St-Laurent location. The refried beans were served at room temperature with globs of white lard throughout. It was truly revolting. I am a bit sad that I'll never get to taste the food at the other location, since the reviews had been so positive.

            1. re: kpzoo

              Never ate at the Ste-Catherine operation. Sounds like that may be a good thing. The food at the St-Laurent location was, along with the original taqueria that's since become the forgettable Taqueria Mex (St-Laurent just south of Marie-Anne), the best Mexican I've encountered in Montreal.

              1. re: carswell

                Taqueria Mex has been essentially the same forgettable nosh at the same location for at least 15 years. (I lived behind them in 1995.) Are you thinking of Tortilleria Maya, since moved to JTM? Or just remembering a time farther back than 15 years?

                In any case, the Tortilleria at JTM has a tasty Mexican lunch counter -- though my knowledge of Mexican food is very limited, so I can't say how authentic it is or how it measures up to others.

                1. re: Mr F

                  The resto now known as Taqueria Mex was originally the Montreal outpost of a taqueria in Malibu. I think the name was different but don't recall what it was, and googling Malibu restaurants is no help.

                  The decor and menu were pretty much the same as now but the food was infinitely better. Among other things, they had an in-house tortilla machine located in that semi-enclosed space just west of the front counter (where the mannequin is today), and their tortillas were indeed things of beauty. They also made the best Mission-style burritos I've had this side of the Sierra Nevada.

                  Was turned onto it by a Mexican neighbour not long after I moved into my current apartment, which was probably sometime in the early '90s.

                  Have hit the Maya counter at JTM (El Rey del Taco?) a couple of times. The tamales were just OK but the tacos were as good as any I've had in the city since Taqueria Malibu (or whatever) closed.

                  1. re: carswell

                    Thanks for that. Shame it slipped to ordinary so long ago...

                    1. re: carswell

                      Sarah Musgrave has a (generally positive) review of El Rey in the Gazette today:

                      A friend who ia a Latin American studies scholar and who has done lengthy research stays in Mexico says that rough-and-ready counter is surprisingly authentic, for humble Mexican taqueria food. He likes going there.

              2. re: carswell

                So does anybody know why Los Clasicos closed? I almost cried when I drove by about two weeks ago and saw the sign for "restaurant for rent". (sorry for the double post..)

                1. re: hellophotokitty

                  Me think 2 reasons :

                  - They opened a restaurant with too many places.
                  - They opened a second restaurants without enough secured funds. (probably they saw that it worked well enough with 1 restaurants and they thought it would be easy to have another one).

              3. re: Maximilien

                And my post was deleted too.... I said that they expanded way too quickly, and the second location was in a pretty seedy location. Too bad, the first place seemed to have a good following and press. But, I have to say, I saw the second location, and thought, "uh-oh". You just can't expand that quickly, especially in this fickle & slim-margin biz.

                sweettooth, the St-Cath location was just east of St-Laurent, before Metropolis & Foufounes. As I said, pretty seedy (St-Lo & St-Cath: streetwalker central).

                edit: Actually, my comment & other follow-ups are still there. anyway...

                1. re: Maximilien

                  Aggh about Los Classicos..... They really made very lovely home-style food, I am going to miss this place dreadfully.

                  If anyone hears of any plans for the family to open up a new place, please please post.

                2. Laitue and Go in Eaton Centre has laitue and gone...don't know if it's just that location, or all of them. Not much of a loss, but still...

                  1. Santangelos on Lincoin and Guy has closed!

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                    1. re: lucylent

                      The one on de Maisonneuve near the Bay disappeared too.

                      1. re: chilipepper

                        I heard that there was still another location somewhere, does anyone know if this is the case? I'd be sad if it was totally gone ... those porchetta sandwiches were addictive.

                    2. Bistingo on Van Horne has closed.

                      Not a closing per se but Mon Nan will be moving from its' present location to 43 de la Gauchetiere East (downstairs from Tong Por/ Tong Sing).