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Jan 6, 2010 08:36 AM

Momofuku Ko - while pregnant + food allergy?

I am pregnant, and my husband and I are trying to hit all our dream restaurants in Manhattan before we soon are relegated full time to the burbs. Momofuku Ko is top of our list, but I'm wondering if it would be a good choice for me given my pregnancy-related food restrictions plus the fact I'm allergic to dairy. Anyone have a sense of how much of the menu I might be able to eat and how accomodating they might or might not be?

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  1. Here's what I had at a recent dinner at Ko (what I can recall anyway):

    biscuit with pepper butter, served with chicharron
    a deep fried broccoli floret with cheddar sauce
    two sashimi courses, one of which had a buttermilk dressing I think
    slivers of lamb neck (can't remember the other components)
    tiny dumplings in beef broth
    matzoh ball soup with grated black truffle
    a soft boiled egg with caviar, onion relish and potato chips
    crispy skate with almond foam
    shaved foie gras over lychees, pine nut brittle and riesling gelee
    roast duck with asian greens
    spiced champagne sorbet with pear
    cheesecake with squash sorbet and cranberries

    The server asked about food allergies before the meal began. I'm allergic to shellfsih, so was not served the lobster amuse, but in one of the sashimi courses they thoughtfully substituted fluke (I think) for shrimp.

    Since a large portion of the menu seems to include dairy, and since they do tell you the ingredients up front, you may be able to just avoid eating the dairy components - not sure whether they can modify each dish so that it's completely dairy free.

    1. This is not specific Ko advice, but just a general word -- I would strongly advise that you stop by (during off-hours) or call the restaurant in advance. I did this once before dining at Momofuku noodle bar, and one of the servers went through the menu with me, consulting with the kitchen to see what I could eat and what modifications needed to be made. When I went back later to eat, it was super hectic and I'm sure that my server would not have been able to make the same effort as the person I had spoken to earlier. He seemed less sure of himself regarding allergies, anyway, but thanks to my earlier conversation, I was able to order confidently.

      1. What kind of pregnancy food restrictions are you under? Are they self imposed? If not, you may want to do a bit more research. Other than raw meat & eggs, I cannot begin to imagine what you might not be able to eat.

        1. i would wait until after you have your baby.

          they can probably work around dairy, but if it is lot of pregnancy-related issues, i don't think you will get the full experience(especially at the price it is).

          1. I have asked the Ko people this very questions regarding my pregnant wife. They said they were willing and able to accommodate pregnancy-related eating restrictions (raw fish/eggs mostly as I understand it). The dairy allergy probably falls under the same blanket. I have no doubt they would modify the menu for you, but do call in advance to let them know so that they will be prepared!