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Savory Oatmeal

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I had been eating a lot of oatmeal this winter as it has been a nice warming morning dish but I have been getting sick of doing the sweet kinds. Normally I have been adding milk, chopped apples, raisins, frozen berries, brown sugar, bananas, maple syrup, etc and have been getting pretty bored with it. So this morning I decided to switch it up a bit and try something a bit savory. I was going for something resembling congee and it came it fairly well.

Recipe done with quick cooking oats.

I boiled the water to which I added a slice of minced ginger and half a clove of minced garlic. When this had boiled for about a minute I added the oats and about a teaspoon of mirin. When this reached my desired consistency I took it off the stove and garnished with soy sauce, bonito flakes, scallions and a few drops of sesame oil.

This ended up being very fulfilling and a nice shot of umami goodness in the morning. I am going to try some different variations here as I bet this would be good with some Lap Cheong or a fried egg as well. I also might try cooking with dashi instead of water which might be too much but is worth a shot.

Does anyone have other ways of savory oatmeal?

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  1. I dice up some bacon and fry it in the pot, drain and add the steal cut oats with some salt and pepper, brown sugar and water. I top it with a fried egg.

    1. I make it using chicken broth instead of water. If there are leftover vegetables or pieces of meat one or the other is incorporated. I prefer savory over sweet.

        1. That oatmeal recipe is straight up my alley! Bonito flakes, that's genius.

          I do a bunch of different savory oatmeals...this morning I took some steel cut oats that I had already cooked, and make a crispy oatmeal pancake out of it. Topped the pancake with leftover oxtail meat and jus... delicious!

          My go-to oatmeal is made with chicken stock, and i throw in some shredded chicken meat and finish with soy, sesame oil, and scallions.

          1. I think we got the same bug at the same time! We've been doing savory oatmeal for breakfast a few ways in the past few months (using steel-cut oats in a rice cooker):

            Chinese: a bit of soy sauce, mostly chicken broth, a dried shittake mushroom, and garlic in with the oats. Finish with some sesame oil, scrambled egg, lop cheong and a bit of oyster sauce.

            Southwestern: make oats with chicken broth, then add egg, soyrhizo, cheese, salsa, and guac.

            Country: make oats normally, top with bacon, eggs, some cheese and sauteed mushrooms. Finish with a dash of maple syrup and tabasco.

            Italian: make oats with basil and oregano, add sausage, top with cheese and pasta sauce.

            1. Not unlike beer, oatmeal isn't just for breakfast any more. Well, it really never has been just for breakfast. Many German, Italian, French (and perhaps other cultures) use oatmeal as an ingredient in savory dishes.
              Take a look at these pages:



              When you add pork to oatmeal, try diced pork chops or steaks instead of sausage. Entierly different taste treat.

              1. Some years ago I suffered from a milk allergy. I regularly made savory oatmeal dishes. My most common one was to cook it with chicken broth. But the whole concept deserves exploration, and not just for oatmeal. Patricia Wells has a recipe in her "at home" cookbook for a beef daube served over bay-scented semolina. Cream of wheat never had it so good.

                1. I made mine this morning with cooked quick oats, browned ground turkey breakfast sausage, caramelized onions, green peppers, mushrooms a shake of garlic powder, cayenne, thyme, dried cilantro and salt -n- pepper. Oh and a tiny bit of shredded cheddar on the top to make it look pretty! :-) Yum!