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Jan 6, 2010 07:58 AM

Business Dinner Recommendations - DC, Arlington

I'm planning a business dinner for around 50 people and am looking for recommendations. I will need a private room - preferably one that can be set up for a speaker.

Budget is around $40 per person, which is pretty limiting.

We will be coming from Rosslyn, so anywhere from Rosslyn to Downtown is fine.


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  1. When you say from Rosslyn to Downtown, do you mean all of downtown is ok, or it need to be something in between?

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      up to and including downtown...

    2. That's a lot of people, so the average private room will be too small. I recommend trying the Open Table private room search, which is really helpful and will spare you the task of calling lots of different restaurants whose rooms end up being too small.

      1. You might try Charlie Palmer, Zola, Acadiana, and Brasserie Beck. I think they all have pretty large rooms that could be set up for speakers. You could also try Mio, but depending on the set-up required you might need a hotel sort of place.

        1. $40 is going to be the biggest issue especially if including tax and tip. For that price, I would try Clydes or Old Ebbitt. They have large rooms and cheaper menus. Maybe you could rent a room at Rays?

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            Old Ebbitt might work. Lots of people from out of town so they will enjoy the location at least. I may end up eating my $40 worth at the oyster bar.

            I'll call Ray's but I have never heard of them doing groups.

            I will probably end up with 30-40 people, but unfortunately it's one of those things that everyone RSVP's yes to until something comes up at the last minute. Best part of that is that I can still get away with $40x50.

            Thanks for the ideas!


            1. re: JustinS

              It's nothing fancy, but Tutto Bene in Arlington has a huge back room that can certainly accomodate your group. The italian food there is pretty good.

              Perhaps this isn't formal enough for your business dinner?

              1. re: JustinS

                You could also try Finn and Porter in the Embassy Suites at 10th and K NW. They have two nice back rooms. Good sushi (except on Mondays) and seafood menu, also steaks, etc. They should be able to take care of you for $40 per head.

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                  Bistro d'Oc across from Ford's Theatre has a private upstairs, and should be w/i budget. Also could try the DC Chophouse on 7th St., although their private room is downsatirs without windows. Latly, Gordon Biersch near the Spy Museum has a few private rooms, including one in the former vault of the restored bank the restaurant is in.