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Jan 6, 2010 07:52 AM

College Football in Toronto...where to go??

I recently moved back to Toronto with my American husband who is starving for a fun bar that shows American College Football. Tomorrow night the University of Texas is playing and he wants to go out and watch it. I have no idea where to take him. I'd like to stay downtown if possible. Any Longhorn fans out there???

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  1. Hook 'em Horns!!

    Can't help you much with downtown but if you're up for a bit of a destination bar, Wegz in Vaughn is really cool.


    1. Downtown core seems to lack decent sports bars however a couple of options could be Wayne Gretzky's, or Loose Moose. Scallywags at St. Clair and Yonge could be another option.

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        The game is on ABC so most bars should be able to play the game. It is just a matter will they bump a hockey game to show it.

        1. re: Kooper

          Any bar with multiple TVs should either have it on or be willing to put it on for you. Even TSN is going to cut over to it once the Sens game is over. Finding college football in bars is tough in this town, but I've found bartenders pretty willing to indulge me during bowl season when there's nothing else on. :)

          1. re: Wahooty

            As a fan of soccer, college football and the Ottawa Senators I have sometimes found it hard to get bartenders to switch the channel to another game when the leafs, raptors or Jays are playing. Even if there is one guy watching the TV they don't usually change no matter how big the group is.

            Since it is a quite night you should have some luck.

            1. re: Kooper

              Multiple TV's are key in my experience - I've had good luck in getting one TV (or set of TVs) changed because it seems there's always one that just has poker on it, but perhaps bartenders just respond well to the way I bat my eyes when I ask. ;) That and I just stay home if I'm competing with the Leafs. :)

      2. Sports Cafe at Yonge and St. Clair is a big and popular spot. Haven`t been in a few years but I always had fun there.

        Not quite downtown, but not far.

        1. ROLL TIDE ROLL!

          I'm a Bama fan through and through, but I will give you the scoop on a place or two. Though I'd recommend giving them a call first, O'Grady's on college may be playing the game, and I know for sure that Gabby's will be playing the game on some screen. I have class until 8 so I will be trolling college street after class tomorrow trying to determine which will be my best bet!

          Good luck to you tomorrow!

          1. Last year I watched the NC game at the Ferret and Firkin (Yonge and Spadina) with a group of friends. The bartender was nice enough to let us use a couple of TVs. It might actually help to avoid the really popular hot spots, because unless you have a big group, you'll have a tougher time securing a screen. I don't think there is a Leafs game tonight, so I think your odds of finding an amenable bartender in a smaller pub are pretty good.

            Philthy McNasty's at King and Duncan has a lot of TVs (though it also has a lot of hockey fans), and the college street crawl is a great idea. There are a ton of Firkin pubs downtown that aren't really sports bars... which means you'll be able to monopolize a TV. I've also heard about a bar in the west end that is (was?) owned by a Longhorns fan (I think it's called the Shamrock and Thistle... might want to call ahead). That might be more up your alley.

            Unfortunately, Toronto isn't much of a college football market (hence the International Bowl tanking) so I'm yet to find a bar that preferentially caters to that crowd.

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              Look at the teams that they put in the International Bowl and then think about it tanking. I think they had a pretty good crowd last year.