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Bad taste in my mouth from the Chef's behavior-Fabulous food! (Long)

We recently were home in New Orleans for the holidays and decided to try a restaurant that everyone absolutely raves about. I have heard nothing but positive feedback about the excellent food and wonderful dining experience. This restaurant is in the mid-price point and serves local, casual fare. My husband and I are both avid foodies and adventurous eaters and dine in numerous 5 star restaurants throughout the country. We will eat anything-with the exception of his one dislike---Stilton Cheese! When reviewing the menu, we came across 3 salads. A wedge salad with a stilton cheese dressing, a snap pea salad with a rasberry vinagarette, and a beet salad with a balsalmic dressing. I chose the beet salad, and he chose the Wedge, but requested the raspberry vinagarette in lieu of the stilton. The waiter came back to our table a few minutes later and stated that the chef requested that my husband order the snap pea salad if he wished for the rasberry dressing and that he would not put that particular dressing on the wedge. We were both floored and my husband asked them to put the stilton on the side and to send out an oil and vinegar mix. The salads came out, with stilton dressing on side, but no oil and vinegar. Waiter again stated that the chef would only servce the stilton with the wedge salad. What do you say at this point? The waiter apologized about chef's behavior, and a few minutes later all of the waiters had a 10 minute powwow about the fact that my husband would not eat the stilton. I found this very odd and although our entrees were outstanding, (some of the best we have had) Im not sure how to handle this. The chef is the owner of the restaurant, and I thought about dropping an email discussing our experience. I understand the temperment and creativity that goes into a meal of this caliber, but IMO a dressing exchange was certainly not worth this odd and very embarrassing exchange that took place. How would you handle this? Would you contact the GM, the chef directly, or post reviews about this on dining websites? I was at a loss and so dissapointed as we loved the place other than the chef's behavior. Were we out of line here?

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  1. Prima Donna chefs like that exist and imho, this sort of behavior seems to be growing. I have been to three restaurants in 2009 that stated on the menu that “the chef will NOT change or alter menu items”. In one restaurant with prix fix tasting menu so you had no choice a couple got up and walked out when one ingredient that the person was allergic to was asked to not be “sprinkled on top”.

    Personally I applauded their decision by voting with their wallet and that is probably what I would do if I encountered a situation like yours. There are plenty of dining choices in New Orleans and while it may be an inconvenience to you it will send him a message.

    And yes post you experience on every review website that you can find (Yelp, urban spoon, etc.). I posted about our meal and included the bit about the patron’s walking out because of this piss-poor customer service attitude.

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      Good to know we are not the only ones. I was tempted to get up and walk out at that point as well as there is a wonderful restaurant two steps away where the Chef is incredible and does not sport the prima donna attitude. I think you are right-I will post. This experience is so off base from anything my friends or family have said but ridiculous nonetheless. I can bet others have been in this same situation. Thanks again

    2. The best answer would be to get up, pay for your drinks, and leave.

      I can't fathom a chef/owner attempting to get into a pissing contest with a customer whose sole request is for a hunk of iceberg lettuce -- with any dressing just not one with blue cheese. How long has this moron owned this restaurant? (I'll bet he won't for much longer).

      Since the chef is the owner, contacting anyone at the restaurant, even the GM, will not get you anywhere. I think that if you belong to any dining websites (yelp, CitySearch, etc.) you should certainly discuss the exact experience you had at length. It's bad form, however, just to join such sites to post a single bad review. Nobody's going to take it seriously.

      You could also contact a local newspaper (get in touch with whoever reviewed the restaurant for the paper). Get your story of the "salad Nazi" out to anyone who'll listen.

      No, you were not out of line. Yes, the chef in question is insane -- absolutely nuts.

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      1. re: shaogo

        On the waiterrant website, the writer has an amusing article called "Crazy Restaurant Owner Syndrome". Sounds like this guy fits the CROS profile.


      2. You might post your experience on the New Orleans board--along with the name of the restaurant...it would be interesting to read what the NO contributors would have to say...

        1. My first inclination would that he is a jerk. But on further thinking about this, I can see where he may be coming from. Just humor me. Maybe he painstakingly designed the dishes to have a very specific flavor profile that he feels matches with the quality of his restaurant. If he puts a dressing on a salad that it wasn't designed to complement, then you might have a complaint about the food-- food that wasn't meant to be paired together. Try looking at it as going to someone's home to dinner and aking them to change something about the way they make their food (I know you are paying for this meal, but maybe he sees it as you are paying to experience HIS recipes.) Think about it as telling an artist that the painting is good, but you think it should have different colors.

          If I had a restauraunt, I would honor customer requests, but he may be just trying to deliver a level of taste that he doesn't feel you would get if you start switching out ingredients, etc...

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            I get where you're coming from but the customer is the one paying and it was not as if the OP asked them to re-work a sauce or something like that. It's a wedge of lettuce; there is no way to mess that up. It was apparent that the customer didn't want to experience the dressing...I can't believe that chef/owner would rather lose a customer than to change dressings. It makes no sense and there is no rational behind it in my opinion.

            I am with the others in that I would make sure to tell as many people as I could about it and make sure they continue to lose customers. I'm going to NO in April...to the OP, please post the name of the restaurant so I can make sure that my 30 friends (members of a club) and I don't spend our money here.

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              In the specific circumstance related by the OP there should be NO issue of the guest concluding something negative from the salad dressing. If he asked for the substitution, finding fault with his own pairing would be as stubborn and arrogant as the behavior of the chef.

              While a 'bleu cheese wedge' is a definite classic pairing, it is really quite ludicrous for a chef to be so adamant. As was said by others: "It's just a hunk of lettuce". I say......let him put ketchup on it if he wants to.

              1. re: Midlife

                I disagree about it just being a hunk of lettuce. Iceberg is very bland and high in water content and needs a thicker dressing that won't fall through the cracks of the wedge. Also, I have had several wedges that were far superior to others. The best I have had just the right balance of toppings and were accompanied by hard toasts to spread the leftover chunks of cheese on. And, fresh dressings can take as much artistry as a fancier dish. It's often quite difficult to get the perfect balance of flavors. And if the chef created that dressing to complement certain salad flavors, it is definitely artistry.

                When I think of a wedge salad with a thin raspberry vinaigrette on it (which I love), I kind of gag. I can imagine it being thin and watery tasting. I do think that certain greens should be paired with certain dressings. I probably wouldn't put a creamy Gorgonzola dressing on a spinach salad with strawberries, but I would put crumbled Gorgonzola and raspberry vinaigrette on a nice spinach salad.

                I can totally understand the idea that if you are going to the restaurant with a certain chef for the experience, you should respect their food. I actually do think that the chef should have given them the dressing they wanted, I can just see where the chef is coming from in looking at it from an artistic/craftsman perspective. There are plenty of experiences that people pay for that they don't get to demand having their way, and apparantly that place is one of them.

                1. re: sisterfunkhaus

                  I have sympathy for those with frustrating restaurant experiences and I agree with your assessment (while very much enjoying your name, sisterfunkhaus). I was thinking the same thing regarding a wedge salad, and also wondering if there wasn't some concern that a passerby might assume that salads at this restaurant are likely to be that sad bowl o' lettuce (iceberg) found in cheaper establishments.

                  What I find interesting is that the hounds crying in outrage might very well be the same hounds who would sniff in disdain at anyone seeking to change a meal or combination at an 'ethnic' restaurant. It is always interesting to see where demands for respect of craftsmanship and tradition (or that fave of chowhounds 'authenticity') become demands to recognise the eternal correctness of the customer.

                  1. re: Lizard

                    >>>"It is always interesting to see where demands for respect of craftsmanship and tradition (or that fave of chowhounds 'authenticity') become demands to recognise the eternal correctness of the customer."

                    Good point, Lizard. I've been trying to find a comeback but I started a post decrying some very (to me) bizarre toppings on "pizzas", so it's hard to frame the response properly.

                    I think everyone has their own 'lines in the sand' for this sort of thing. I really CAN see the downside to the dressing substitution. I wouldn't want to have my Tom Kha Gai served with a beef broth and I won't put ketchup on a hot dog, so I guess it is NOT just a hunk of lettuce when it's listed as a Bleu Cheese wedge on the menu.

                    But................ here I go................ to recall Jack Nicholson (in The Last Detail) ........ perhaps the OP's husband should have ordered a plain wedge of iceberg lettuce and a vinaigrettte salad - HOLD THE SALAD! Ah, but I'm getting a bit out of control now.

              2. re: sisterfunkhaus

                How much artistry goes into a wedge salad? It's not like the chef has carefully selected several ingredients to create a certain profile. It's one ingredient with a salad dressing. If the customer knows he likes another dressing, chances are it isn't going to ruin any level of taste by putting that dressing on the wedge.

                1. re: sisterfunkhaus

                  Sisterfunkhaus: I agree with you completely. And the Beethoven analogy is spot-on.
                  If I'm in the mood to "have it my way" I'll to Burger King. Otherwise, I'll patronize a place with artistic integrity.

                  1. re: Leonardo

                    I have absolute respect for artistic integrity so to speak, but a wedge salad is a wedge salad. I would never request that a chef change a well crafted dish to my specific tastes, as I feel that would be insulting. But a salad dressing? C'mon!

                    1. re: Leonardo

                      Artistic integrity? It's food!
                      Now, all cooking isn't the same, but when you're a paying customer, it's not extraordinary to ask for small accomodations. And this one was miniscule.
                      ps. Beethoven wasn't in the service industry, where misanthropes do not belong.

                    2. re: sisterfunkhaus

                      i could see this being the case. However, OTOH, it was a lettuce wedge. With dressing. I can't imagine that the raspberry vinaigrette would work on snap peas, but not a wedge... seems silly, yet, i guess it's the chef / owener's right to do whatever.

                    3. to the unnamed crazy narcissistic chef -- a "narcisschef" ©:

                      if the customer wants a wedge with another dressing in your cheffy repertoire, give it to him; what's it to you?
                      i'd have paid for drinks, walked out (but on my way <maybe> popped my head into the kitchen to say "thanks, but no thanks" to narcisschef; "keep your stilton, bro.'").

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                      1. re: alkapal

                        alkapal--you might also want to copyright "narcissichef". The extra syllable seems to make it easier to roll off the tongue.

                        I do love your linguistic twist here!

                      2. Would you ask Beethoven to add fewer notes to a phrase...or Van Gogh to cool it on the yellows?

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                        1. re: beevod

                          No but I wouldn't feel bad asking my contractor to paint my house purple if that was what I wanted. Chefs aren't artist they are craftsmen.

                          The chef can say no to a request and I could decide whether or not I would stay but let’s not pretend that every bowl of soup that comes out of a kitchen is a work of art.

                          1. re: KTinNYC

                            I meant to imply that this whole "star chef" thing has gotten out of hand. They're cooks, like my mother, not artists. But they laugh all the way to the bank.

                            1. re: beevod

                              cooks/chefs laughing all the way to the bank? Now that's a laughable statement.

                          2. re: beevod

                            <Would you ask Beethoven to add fewer notes to a phrase...or Van Gogh to cool it on the yellows?>

                            If I commissioned the sonata or the landscape, sure. I ordered it, I'm paying for it, I should have some input. Just like the salad.

                          3. ScarlettNola-did you pay for salad? Did our husband eat any of it?
                            Frankly, I think that if the waiter could not bring the oil and vinegar, he should have come back and told you that-not put down a salad that is not to your order.
                            Where I live, there is a well-known chef who is known for her high-strung temperment and total inflexibility when it comes to changing ANYTHING on her menu. No exeptions.
                            It is her "art". Cut me a break. You're art is flushed down my toilet the next day, to paraphrase Mario Batalli.
                            She even sicked her lawyer on a blogger for taking photos of her food! A cease and desist letter!
                            Despite numerous complaints, the restaurant continually received high praised from our paper's food critic.
                            While the cooking was undoubtedly inspired, it was quite pricey. I never stepped foot into any of her restaurants based on my objections to the way she treated patrons.
                            I vote with my wallet.
                            Not surprisingly, she up and quit, and left.

                            I feel for your situation and here's what I'd do: I'd write this in to my local paper and magazines to see if anyone else received the same beligerent treatment.
                            What *could* happen is that the chef/owner will see it and offer to make ammends with you.
                            First, I'd make an honest effort to contact the manager or owner to see if you can communicate your displeasure. Perhaps it will fall on deaf ears, perhaps not.
                            I can tell you that just this week, a chatter wrote in to a live, weekly chat to complain about a restaurant experience. The chatter explained the issues to our food critic, and told him that he contacted the restaurant about the poor experience, but to no avail. No contact was reciprocated.
                            Until the chat.
                            Later in the chat hour, the chatter wrote back in to say that the restaurant contacted him and was rectifying the matter by inviting him/her back for a meal on the house.
                            The power of the press.....

                            Good luck and let us know how things turn out for you!

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                            1. re: monavano

                              I have shown my husband these posts and had a few more notes of clarification. When the salad arrived, the stilton was on the side. Waiter again stated he could not give us another dressing. My husband stopped the bartender (perhaps a busboy) and requested the rasberry dressing. This person then came back with the beet salad I ordered and no dressing. Finally, I gave the beet salad to my husband and ate the wedge with the stilton myself as I love stilton. By the time they brought out olive oil for the dressing substitution with a miniscule amount of vinegar we were both done with the appetizer course. I will also note this is a very intimate dining spot, and our neighbor received the same beet salad with twice the beets!!! I am assuming we truly pissed this guy off with our requests. The entrees (A mussel and clam panzetta and a chicken under a brick smothered in an amazing pecan maple sauce and served with hash and a farm fried egg) were ABOLUTELY DELECTABLE!! This is why I had such difficulty with my complaints. This restaurant (For those who may be interested) is called Dante's Kitchen. The chef, Emmanuel Loubier is a veteran of Commanders Palace and I believe opened up this spot about 5 or 6 years ago. My experience is so far off base from what I have heard about Dante's Kitchen, so perhaps chef was having a bad night. I will say there is a fabulous restaurant directly across the street (Brigtsens) while at a bit of a higher price point, is warm, accomodating, and a first class experience. Chef Frank visited with all tables while we were there and truly loves his job and wants his clientele to be pleased. Our waiter and the front of the house staff were friendly at DK, minus the odd exchange at the bar (about 2 feet from my table) discussing the dressing issue. and how chef was angry etc. I guess the genteman who eventually came to drop off the oil and virtually no vinegar dressing was being chastised for doing so. Although I absolutely LOVED the cuisine, we will not be back again. Absolutely no excuse for this type of ridiculous behavior. A wedge is a wedge is a wedge is a wedge. Many places I know serve wedges with a vingarette dressing and bleu cheese crumbles, so I still am flabbergasted. If you are in New Orleans and on Dante Street, try Brigtsens. Wonderful food...friendly chef... and a great wine list. It too is very quaint and you will feel like you are being cooked for by a personal friend.

                              1. re: ScarlettNola

                                Thanks for the additional 411. It really stinks that the food is so good-but stay strong!

                                1. re: ScarlettNola

                                  i don't understand, maybe you can clarify, but you've repeated so many times that the food at DK was so good-- you exclaim this in all-caps. . . but then you seem to instead want the "first class 'experience'" another restaurant offered which includes a "friendly chef" who visits and chats with all the tables. it seems like you are rec-ing DK for food and brigstens for 'experience.' other folks in this thread have commented that the "celebrity chef syndrome" has gone a bit too far, but to me, of the chef who stays in the kitchen (cooking), vs. the chef who chats up every table in the dining room, in an immaculate white exec coat-- the chatty "chef" who doesn't do any of the cooking s/he takes credit for. . . is playing the "celebrity chef" role, and the other one, no matter how pompous and ridiculous s/he may seem, is at least taking absolute responsibility for everything that leaves the kitchen. if 'experience' is more important than good food to you, fine--but it seems unfair to rave about carefully crafted food and then complain that the chef is a control freak about the carefully crafted food. it's like saying you love the classic hand-tailored suit you bought ten years ago and are ecstatic about how it still looks brand new, but you don't understand why your tailor insisted on double-stitching the seams and taking the time to hand sew the lapels and buttons, what a fussy nitpicker, go to j.c. penny's for a suit instead.

                                  1. re: soupkitten

                                    By definition, the chef in not necessarily the one cooking. This is but one of his/her duties.
                                    Some folks like to chat with the Chef, and vice versa. What's wrong with that?
                                    It sure doesn't make any friendly chef a wanna be celebrichef.

                                    1. re: soupkitten

                                      I obviously did not make myself clear. The entrees were wonderful. Hands down. I never expect a chef to chat up my table or make me feel at home. At DKThe cuisine is down-home, hand crafted and not an upscale and fussy enviroment. Directly across the street the food is upscale, but the chef is accomodating and makes you feel good about the experience thus creating a first class experience. there are so many factors that go into an experience in a restaurant, and odd comments, server pow-wows that you overhear and a chefs refusal for a miniscule change do not provide this experience. I don't expect a friendly chef, but this is a customer service driven business. Keep the patrons happy and they keep on coming. Again, this was a salad. Nothing else. I appreciate the time that goes into creating a menu and putting together complimentary tastes, but this went too far. Hope this clarifies. I simply will not patronize a restaurant that puts itself out there as down home and friendly and then refuses to change a salad dressing. This is equivalent to asking for margarine in lieu of butter. This sort of change does not effect the integrity of the dish in any way, shape or form.

                                      1. re: ScarlettNola

                                        Hey Scarlett, where ya been? Come back to the NO board!

                                        What a weird experience at Dante's. You are totally correct that the sub should not even have been a question, ESPECIALLY at a place like that - laid back and relatively casual. I love Dante's and I hate that you had this happen.

                                        My stab at an explanation that would allow you to try Dante's again: what if Chef Loubier was off that night (not necessarily on holiday, but maybe family emergency?), and his somewhat green and full of him/herself sous (or expediter or whoever) was behind this obnoxious behavior that Chef L would otherwise not have tolerated had he been in house? Would something like that be possible? Definitely write a letter or email and see what kind of reply you get.

                                        It's just such a shame that this happened. A previous poster mentioned all the other NOLA options, but we know that there's no place quite like Dante's. They really do have a special cool thing there, and I've always thought it was a relative bargain.

                                        And seriously, let's hear about the rest of your trip, over on the NO board!

                                        1. re: uptownlibrarian

                                          Will do. I hesitated to post this on NOLA board as it is my mother and sister's favorite restaurant and they go there ALOT. Work has been crazy and this is my first post since summer. I miss home so much that it always helps to post on the NOLA board!

                                          1. re: ScarlettNola

                                            I go there a lot too and count it among my favorites (top 15 or 20). Your experience has certainly given me pause. I just can't imagine that happening. I want to find out that the responsible party was fired.

                                            1. re: uptownlibrarian

                                              I RECEIVED A RESPONSE FROM CHEF LOUBIER!!!! I truly wish I could cut and paste his response to reference here. He apologized for the events that occurred and as you suspected apparently there was another chef at the helm that evening who displayed the narcisschef tendencies. He stated that there is no such thing as a no sub rule at Dante's Kitchen and apologizes that our dining experience was marred by this thoughtless behavior. Perhaps I reacted prematurely, but am absolutely thrilled that I can, in good conscience, visit DK on my next trip home. He closed by stating, "Thank you for letting me know about your experience in the hopes that we can get better at or professikon and grow from fixing our mistakes" WOW! I will be back!

                                              1. re: ScarlettNola

                                                Great! Thanks for the update. Communication is a great thing! Enjoy the restaurant, it sounds wonderful.
                                                If I'm ever in NO, I'll be sure to go.

                                                1. re: ScarlettNola

                                                  Yay! I'm so pleased to hear that. I felt certain they wouldn't have a no sub rule, especially concerning dressing. Whew.

                                                  1. re: ScarlettNola

                                                    thanks for getting back. i'm hoping that as a result of your report, this restaurant won't be impacted by all of the other negative posts in this thread. it would be truly terrible for a unique new orleans restaurant to withstand a hurricane followed by a horrible recession, only to now lose the support of regular customers and visitors because of an isolated incident on the chef-owner's night off. most restaurants are really struggling right now and any impact to their business can make or break them.

                                                    ScarlettNola-- good job on following thru with this and refraining from posting on other boards before you got a response from the restaurant. i take back what i said about a malicious intent to slam this restaurant in the media. i just felt that all of the folks piling on to trash this independent restaurant, and the comparison to another restaurant with a different price point/style was so unfair! i do apologize for my tone in a deleted post. thanks again for your great follow-up. in the meantime i hope all the folks who pledged not to support this restaurant will go in and try their excellent sounding food when they are in town. :)

                                                    1. re: soupkitten

                                                      I really doubt they will be affected by a singular posting on CH, but I do plan to post on the NOLA board as well as well as other sites extolling the virtues of the cuisine at DK. In fact, the Chefs email turned my experience into a positive one, simply by acknowledging that there was a problem and that it will never happen again. I still don't understand why they delete-but the best thing about CH boards is the ability to express your opinions as you see them. No worries. Sometimes a good verbal sparring gets the blood flowing. Have a great weekend.

                                                    2. re: ScarlettNola

                                                      nice follow up SN. Many people would not have done the mature thing and write the chef and post the reult.

                                                      1. re: ScarlettNola

                                                        I think it is great that you wrote to let the chef know. It was a nice response that he gave. It's good to know that they don't normally demand that you eat certain dressings on certain salads and that you just got a debu-chef. I hope no offense was taken in me trying to show the other side of of the situation. As I stated, if I owned a restaurant, I would give the patron what they asked for, but always try to gracefully see the other side of the situation.

                                                2. re: soupkitten

                                                  This was a nice interaction amongst CH's until you got on board.
                                                  Chill out.

                                                  1. re: rabaja

                                                    Actually, soupkitten was bringing up some very good points. The OP had a question about what to do. Some postured that trashing the place on every conceivable venue is appropriate. Jfood disagrees withthat approach as well. The OP continues to describe the wonderful food that they had at DK.

                                                    So there are two roads.

                                                    1 - Eat and enjoy but point out a service nuance that people can decide whether they want to play in that sand box
                                                    2 - Get up and leave and describe why this was done.

                                                    But eat and rave while trashing the places is where the car slid off the road, not someone stating that they disagree with scorched earth theory on a restaurant that the OP loved except for some dressing.

                                                    As jfood stated, he probably would have left, wouldprobably do have mentioned it at all on the boards.

                                                    BTW - The boards are for everyone, not just the Kumbaya sect.

                                                  2. re: uptownlibrarian

                                                    I sent an email to the address listed on the business card,(Both Chef and GM have the same email listed) so I will absolutely let everyone know what the response is. I hope it was a serious miscommunication, but either way I will have clarification as to exactly what transpired. I have not posted on any other site but CH, and was interested to see what response I get. I respectfully disagree that I had malicious intent to rant or to trash the place, but I suppose the beauty of these boards is the ability of fellow CH to state their honest opinion, no matter how brutal.

                                            2. I think if the waitstaff had said right up front 'the chef will not allow the substitution on the dressing' at the point you ordered it, you would have been less offended. I've eaten at restaurants where no substitutions really means no. I have eaten prix fixe meals where everyone at the table has to order that way, and no substitutions are allowed (even for allergies). Once again, I think if you know this up front, it's less of a problem. You don't have to like it.

                                              In this case, had the staff been properly trained, you would have been less annoyed with the whole thing, Because it dragged on, and became a battle of wills, it became unpleasant. I agree you can always vote with your feet on this.

                                              1. I wouldn't have been less offended. The fact still remains that it was a wedge of lettuce, not some dish that the chef had specifically put together and now had to dissect because they asked for a different dressing. And even if the original Chef was not working that night, who ever was cooking is representing the restaurant. There was just no excuse for they way they acted and thank you ScarlettNola for posting the name of the place as I will be certain not to go there when I make my trip in April.

                                                1. DK has been on jfood list to try.

                                                  But if this were to happen to jfood he would ask for the drink bill (a sparkling soda and 2 diet cokes ain't that expensive), pay, walk across the street and beg Marna for a table (would not be the first time). Then order the shrimp bisque, the duck, maybe a piece of chocolate cake, stand, give chef frank a big hug, ditto with marna, smile and go back to the hotel.

                                                  1. ScarlettNola, thanks for the info. Our family, back from a recent visit to NOLA, has allergies and religious food issues (kosher style) and we would prefer a restaurant that would accomodate substitutions. We almost made it to DK, LOL. If you don't mind, I'll post a link about your experience on the 'pseudo-kosher' thread I started on the NO board recommending that similarly minded folks call the restaurant first if they wish to inquire about changes.

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                                                    1. re: leetmom7

                                                      In light of the chefs/GMs response, I'll hold off on posting. You went on a Friday night, NYE, correct? One would think the chef/owner would have been on-site. I thought Sundays was the usual day off.

                                                      1. re: leetmom7

                                                        It was the Saturday after New Year. I could reasonably see why he may have been on vacation etc. due to the time of year or simply in house but unaware of the situation.