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Soccer bar in Philadlephia area

Does anyone know where they may be showing the Liverpool vs Tottenham game this Sunday? Preferably the King of Prussia Valley Forge area.

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  1. Dark Horse Pub, 421 S. 2nd St. Just above South St.

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      Seconded....great place to watch a game.

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        If you are willing to travel to Horsham... Iron Abbey on Route 611 should have it on.

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          Tir Na Nog is the obvious choice, but it is Center City, Philadelphia -- about 25 minutes from King of Prussia.

          Fado is another good choice. Real Irish folks there!

        2. along with those, Fado - 15th and Locust, I think - shows some games.

          1. There is a Fox & Hound in KoP; they will probably show it but call and ask first.

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              Thanks for all of the suggestions!

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                Dark Horse is a great rec, but I also will add that the 700 Club in Northern Liberties shows a ton of English soccer as well.

            2. Depends on who you were supporting before I give a good recommendation....


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                I'm a Spurs supporter. Tough one against the Wolves yesterday.

              2. Maybe too late but Na Brasa in Horsham is a good soccer bar (great belgian beer selection too).

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                  Hey Ambler Girl... the bar side of Na Brasa is actually called Iron Abbey ... and there is a great bartender there from Scotland who is a big football fan. I actually watched the US versus Brasil match from South Africa there. Half the bar was Brasilian, the other half were routing for the red white and blue.

                2. Went to the Dark Horse last year to see the Lions play SA - after 30 minutes they could not get to work, had no bar staff and could not order food on a Saturday morning - shame as I have been going to see various games there (even when it was the Dickens) for over 10 yrs - but have not been back and now visit Tira Na Nog which have not let me down yet.