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Jan 6, 2010 07:21 AM

Stamford lunch places

My office just moved to Stamford. We are downtown near the UBS building. Can you guys help me out with lunch suggestions? I feel like I am in a culinary wasteland here. I am happy to walk, drive or have delivered, just as long as its good. No preference for cuisine either since I need a bunch of different ideas.

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  1. Lots of options a couple blocks north on lower Summer St: Barcelona, Napa, Tawa, even SBC for brewpub fare or Kujaku for hibachi. Go north of Broad St and you'll find EOS, Kotobuki, Dragonfly, Siena. One block east on Bedford has some options also: Remo's pizza, Egane Korean/sushi, Tigin Irish pub.

    Further afield, south of 95 you can head to Colony Grill on Myrtle Ave for their unique pizzas. I also like Royal Guard's fish and chips. (Get the haddock. Avoid the friend clams and scallops, they're of the institutional, frozen variety.) Up north in Bull's Head Coalhouse Pizza is very good.

    Head east to the STM/Darien line for Smoky Joe's BBQ. Purists may debate its 'Cue cred, but it's good for a fix.

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      Thanks for the tips. I generally want to take out my food, so thats always one caveat. I am thinking pizza today. Should I do colony or coalhouse pizza?

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        Coalhouse's pies are really thin-crust pies which probably don't travel well. If you're gonna do takeout pizza, I'd do Colony.

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          Neither Coalhouse nor Colony is a great take-out option unless you have a high-heat oven to pop the pie into for a few minutes when you get it home or to the office.

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          I really like this Peruvian place called Fiesta Cove. Here's my article about the place. Hope this helps.

          1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

            If you don't care about ambiance, Omar Restaurant is better than Fiesta, especially for the lomo saltado. For better all around peruvian, Port Chester is the place to go though.

        3. Your neighborhood is far from a wasteland but more of a waistland.

          Plien gave some good suggestions and let jfood add some more.

          At Bullshead (where Bedford, Summer, High Ridge and Long ridge meet there is a bunch of choices. Coalhouse pizza, Kam Pei, a new Chile Chicken (whatever that is) and a veggy typr place the name escapes jfood. All have received good reviews

          On Bedfor across from the Michael & CVS mall there is Little Buddha, jfood ate there this past weekend and enjoyed. On North avenue west of planet pizza (that is a landmark only do not eat there) there is an Italian Deli, Giovannis, where three Italian guys make the best red sauce, eggplant parm sandwiches and pasta.

          Not knowing where you are comparing to but Adamclyde can guide you on the Latin flair, Amanda will probably chime in on her favorite sushis and others will give you guidance on some great burgers.

          Do not dispair, STM has some great should have been here in the 90s.

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            I had very fine soup noodles with shrimp at Little Buddha last week. I was shocked at the truly excellent quality of the shrimp - the best I've had in five years working in Stamford. Very spicy and delicious.
            Agree with above comment about planet pizza. My first lunch in Stamford in 2004 was there - recommended by a colleague - it was so awful I thought I would rather find a new job if I couldn't find other options. Fortunately I did find things and the options have been getting better and better.

            1. re: jfood

              I would definitely not recommend Kam Pei. I used to eat & take out from there all the time when I lived in Stamford years ago. That is, until I found a staple in my sushi while dining at the restaurant. Never again after that.

            2. This guy's done a few good write ups on a couple Stamford places.


              Worth a look. I've been working in Stamford for 10 years now and it's come a LONG way regarding food options.

              Anyone remember Bank St. Brewing Co.? R.I.P.

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              1. re: LorenV

                Thanks for all the help. We went to a place called Katie's today and it was pretty decent. We are going to aim for pizza tomorrow when we have time to call ahead and order earlier. Someone also told me that Capriccio was good - any opinions? All other suggestions needed and welcome. Thanks!

                1. re: Farfalle

                  Capriccio is really good inexpensive Italian (pasta, paninis, pizza, etc). Across the street is Chez Jean Pierre which is decent bistro fare. Duo is the best sushi joint in town. Try Napa & Co underneath the Marriott Courtyard.

                  Definitely try out Colony Pizza tomorrow. It is STAMFORD pizza, not NY - but many of us find it delicious.
                  ETA: if you order take out from sure and start calling them BEFORE noon (like 11-1130), they get so busy they take the phone off the hook.

                  1. re: Farfalle

                    Capriccio is more of a scene than a restaurant at this point and extremely cramped inside. The food is decent, but the service is awful. Worse yet, the owner doesn't seem to care about the poor service. While not overly priced, the plates are not exactly overflowing with food as one expects in an Italian restaurant. We determined that another $.25 of Barilla pasta would go a long way on our $14 plate.

                2. Also, I noticed a few peruvian restaurants on Atlantic and elsewhere. Any suggestions on which I should pay a visit to?

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                    definitely try out fiesta. They have incredible chicken and steak dishes that are priced incredibly low for their value and what you get.

                    by the way-does anyone know the name of the yellow "sauce" they throw in with their entrees?

                  2. If you like Middle Eastern food you can try Layla's Falafel on Main St downtown and Myrna's on East Main Street. Both places do take out or eat-in.

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                    1. re: A avenue

                      A bit further north (same strip mall as Coal House) is Tabouli, which is quite good middle-eastern fare.