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Jan 6, 2010 07:17 AM

Best place for breakfast in Jerusalem

My daughter who is studying in Israel talked me into gettin an appartment in Jerusalem instead of going to a hotel. I was looking forward to the hotels HUGE breakfast, but since that wont be where can I get a really nice large breakfast in Jerusalem.

As long as I have your ear where can I find real good Americana style coffe in Jerusalem.

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  1. as far as I know the Sheraton Plaza is still THE place

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      I will probably book my shabbos meal there since I plan on davening at the Great Synagogue. Am I correct in my recollection that Friday night’s dinner is not buffet at the Sheraton. Last time I went it was with a group and Friday night was not buffet; shabbos lunch, ah, that was a different story  If I can’t eat buffet then I might as well buy “take out” since the apartment that I got has a kosher kitchen with dishes and cooking utensils.

      What hotel has the best buffet Friday night meal?

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        Plaza has gone downhill in terms of the Shabbat food, and you're paying a ton of money for it. When I was there after Pesach, we went to the shuk and bought all our food, utensils, and 3 bottles of wine, all for $200. Fed 6 adults and one child for both Shabbat Meals. I think it's up to $50 or $60 per person now.
        Dont think you'll find a hotel type breakfast outside a hotel in Jerusalem, but waffle bar is good for breakfast as well as any of the Cup O'Joe's.

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          Every Friday, in the basement of Hechal Shlomo, Marvad Haksamim (restaurant on Emek Refaim) sells the most delicious and inexpensive take-out food, everything from appetizers to desserts and challah and grape juice. . A much better deal than any of the hotels, which are extremely expensive for Shabbat dinner.

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            they moved to 42 king george basement of old tirat batsheva

      2. Tal Bagel on Emek Refaim has a good breakfast (bagels, salads, coffee, eggs). You can get a fairly large breakfast for fairly reasonable price.

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          Thanks for the tip on Tal Bagel. A short bus ride and a nice breakfast. The German Colony is a very nice place, lots of eating options. We went there to a place called RYU a meat Asian fusion Chef restaurant we all enjoyed it. Looks like I wont be going to Papagaio after all, my kids aren't thrilled with an all you can eat meat restaurant, bummer.

          Definitely will try out Caffit this Friday morning for the buffet breakfast.

          Funny, I went to the Jerusalem Mall last night and this was the first time that I felt like an American - imagine going to a mall and to be able to go to the food court and actually eat there - more than that I was having a difficult time choosing what and where to eat due to the large choice of eating options. In general I am blown away by the number of eating options that exist here in Jerusalem.

        2. Thanks guys - off to the airport!

          1. You can go to any hotel for breakfast; the last time I did this was years ago, at the Dan Pearl, and they charged about NIS 60. There's also a buffet breakfast (nice, but not as nice as the hotels) at Tmol Shilshom.

            Speaking of Tmol Shilshom, if you haven't been there, do try it out some time, whether for a meal or just a coffee. It's a nice space, hidden away, filled with books, and the dishes are made just for them with literary quotes. Just one warning: if you come with your own book, don't leave it at your place while you visit the cherootim, or you may find that it's been put "back" on the shelves!

            1. Every Friday morning, Caffit on Emek Refaim in the German Colony has a really nice breakfast buffet set out.

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                The breakfasts are pretty standard, I love ticho house for the setting. Anywhere on emek is good, You will not miss out on good breakfast, smart decision not to stay in a hotel imo.

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                  My apartment wasn't ready till Friday so I stayed the night at the Dan Panorama $186 for one night they also wanted close to $20 for internet access per day. The apartment that I got costs me only $100/day A bedroom with two beds, living room with two leather couches and a high riser that sleeps two. A private balcony, laundry room, kitchen with kosher dishes pots pans, blech, hot water urn, microwave etc. two flat screen TVs with cable, wireless internet. I will NEVER again go to a hotel in Israel when I have such a comfortable option.


                  As to shabbos eating we wound up going Friday night to the Inbal for dinner. Good choice 210 shekels/pp The food was delicious and what I liked the best that besides the dinner offerings (I chose chicken liver in mushroom sauce in a pastry puff, chicken soup, duck, steak and leg of lamb) they also had buffet of sushi, salads, carving stations and lots of desert offerings. We went to Machana Yehuda to buy food for our shabbos lunch. Turns out that we went to the Great Synagogue to daven and they had a big bar mitzvah so I wound up eating at the Kiddush. The weather is spectacular, Friday was down right hot!

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                    Dan Panorama is a lousy Hotel and worse Management. stay away. try Greens in Shaarei chesed. good expensive food.
                    thanks for the apt link!