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Jan 6, 2010 06:46 AM

Casa Bleve in Rome

We had the most amazing experience at Casa Bleve on Christmas Eve. Since we were lining up for midnight mass at St. Peters around 7 pm, we opted for a Christmas Eve lunch. Casa Bleve serves a "buffet" lunch that is better than most dinners at 4-star restaurants. Involtini, fresh mozzarella, vegetables, meats and cheeses are all beautifully displayed on a counter in this wine bar's dining room, which is warm, inviting and beautifully appointed. You step up to the counter and the very helpful (and patient!) waiter assembles a plate for you as you go down the line choosing anything you want. Once everyone in your party is finished with their choices, you retreat back to your table to begin enjoying a bottle of wine that hopefully you've already chosen from Casa Bleve's amazing wine list. Within minutes, the plates are brought to the table and each one is a masterpiece. I cannot say enough about the food at Casa Bleve. Fresh, beautiful to look at and best of all, out-of-this-world tasty. I would eat at Casa Bleve at least once a week if I lived in Rome!

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  1. I just went there last week and I second your experience. This place is phenominal. Not the cheapest but you definitely get what you pay for and the wine shop in front is fantastic. I have been thinking about it since I returned to New York.

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      I've also been thinking about it since coming home! I with I could find something like it here in NYC. Did you have a beautiful piece of fresh mozzarella badabingdesi? We were all amazed at the size of the slice they offered. Very generous.

      On a funny note: like true Americans, as soon as my family and I walked into the dining room and saw the wonderful display, we all started wondering aloud to one another if they let you go up for seconds! Little did we know how full and satisfied we would be with just one plate. Just goes to show you how out of control our eating habits are here in the States!

      1. re: ttoommyy

        Of course we had the mozzarella. Great. I haven't stopped talking about it. I guess you guys were more restrained then us - we went up for a seconds (a much smaller plate the second time around) and it was just as good.

        1. re: badabingdesi

          Ha! I'll have to tell my family about your going up for seconds. Good for you! It's been about a month since we ate at Casa Bleve and i still think about that lunch!

      1. re: Sid Cundiff

        Hello Sid,
        Casa Bleve is a very nice place centrally located offering an excellent wine selection and good food:

        Via del Teatro Valle, 49
        00186 Roma (Lazio), Italy
        066 865970

        1. re: ItalyTravelista

          For the record, Anacleto Bleve has reclaimed La Vecchia Bottega, his original establishment, in the Ghetto. It's not as grand as Casa Bleve, but it is just as charming as ever and has much the same menu.

          1. re: mbfant

            From a wine perspective, how does it stack up against Trimani Wine Bar? It sounds like the food may be a tad better at Bleve's places. What's been your experience?

            1. re: steve h.

              Wine-wise less choice than trimani but slightly better prices and better/more select wines. Food-wise it is not a tad better,it is a whole lot better! Also the service is a lot more knowledgeable!

      2. Is there pasta on this buffet? : )

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        1. re: sarahbeths

          It's not a steam table. Still, they might offer one pasta on the printed card.
          I go for the fresh seafood and cured meats. Deb enjoys the vegetables and fresh mozzarella. We both go for the wines and the setting. All-in-all, it's a fine way to spend a few hours in Rome.

          1. re: sarahbeths

            I don't remember pasta...but honestly, it's not needed. The assortment and the quality of what is presented is enough. I still think about this place at least once a week and it's almost 5 months since we ate there!

          2. How much is Lunch and Dinner at Casa Bleve?

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            1. re: petuniafromhell

              I've only been to Casa Bleve for lunch. In December 2009 it was 25 Euro for lunch. (With the exchange rate as of this morning, that would be $33 USD.) Well worth the money considering the quality of the food and the fact that you could keep going back to the "buffet" until you burst! We didn't, since our first plate was more than enough. (We were so full from lunch we did not have dinner that night; just some light antipasti.) Wine is extra, of course.

              1. re: ttoommyy

                Thanks! Just modified my food itinerary to include a lunch at Casa Bleve!

                1. re: petuniafromhell

                  Excellent...buon appetito! (You might want to make a reservation just in case.)

              2. re: petuniafromhell

                Here's a picture of my plate at lunch that day. I had already eaten a few choices from it by the time the photo was taken. That largish white "chunk" on the right side of the plate is a piece of the freshest, creamiest mozzarella I have ever had!

                (The picture really does not do the presentation or the quality of the food much justice. There are probably 10-12 different food items on that plate!)