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Jan 6, 2010 06:45 AM

Korean BBQ in/near Torrance/Gardena

I'm hosting some out-of-towners and we'd like to check out some Korean BBQ. I'd love to hear the favorite places of my fellow hounds. Thanks.

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  1. If Japanese style Korean BBQ will work for you and your guests then:

    1730 Sepulveda Blvd. Ste 14
    Torrance, CA 90745
    (310) 534-5578

    1. Shilla in Gardena has been a favorite for a number of years.

      Shilla Restaurant
      16944 South Western Avenue, Gardena, CA
      (310) 538-8848‎

      1. San Sui Tei is also a Japanese Style Korean BBQ

        I prefer this style because the portions are smaller (uniform cuts of a particular section) and a variety of different cuts can be ordered such as loin, short ribs, and diaphragm. They also have a variety of Offal such as tripe. The parent company specializes in Kim Chi.

        1. Koji BBQ Buffet - 1725 W Carson St (a little expensive)

          There are several just a couple of blks north of Shilla Restaurant on weatern.
          Mr. Lee's BBQ House $10 all you can eat on south st in Artesia. not just one item for $10

          Been to all of these and like them all

          1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I am familiar with a couple of these places already...glad to get confirmation.