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Korean BBQ in/near Torrance/Gardena

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I'm hosting some out-of-towners and we'd like to check out some Korean BBQ. I'd love to hear the favorite places of my fellow hounds. Thanks.

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  1. If Japanese style Korean BBQ will work for you and your guests then:

    1730 Sepulveda Blvd. Ste 14
    Torrance, CA 90745
    (310) 534-5578

    1. Shilla in Gardena has been a favorite for a number of years.

      Shilla Restaurant
      16944 South Western Avenue, Gardena, CA
      (310) 538-8848‎

      1. San Sui Tei is also a Japanese Style Korean BBQ

        I prefer this style because the portions are smaller (uniform cuts of a particular section) and a variety of different cuts can be ordered such as loin, short ribs, and diaphragm. They also have a variety of Offal such as tripe. The parent company specializes in Kim Chi.

        1. Koji BBQ Buffet - 1725 W Carson St (a little expensive)
          There are several just a couple of blks north of Shilla Restaurant on weatern.
          Mr. Lee's BBQ House $10 all you can eat on south st in Artesia. not just one item for $10
          Been to all of these and like them all

          1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I am familiar with a couple of these places already...glad to get confirmation.

            1. I like Mugaboka on Lomita, between Western and Crenshaw.

              $18 AYCE for bulgogi, brisket, kurobuta pork shoulder and belly, chicken, and some other stuff.

              There's another more expensive AYCE but you get more, like kalbi.

              I think there's a huge difference between Japanese-style and Korean in terms of flavor though, so I wouldn't substitute one with the other.

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                Completely agree - Japanese-style Korean BBQ is definitely not the same. And Mugaboka is the best option in the area for AYCE. The raw meat is brought to your table instead of buffet style, and the quality of the meat equals that of many non-AYCE restaurants. The panchan are plentiful and fresh.

                2271 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA 90717