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Jan 6, 2010 06:44 AM

Jade Palace near Mastori's?

Anyone been and have an opinion to share?

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  1. Live close enough to there to order constantly, but have only been there once and it didn't do much for me. Neighbors however love it and order from there constantly. I haven't revisited in years, but it was ordinary at best to me. Instead, I drive to Kenji Fusion on Route 33 for take out, or we dine in. -mJ

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      Yah, Kenji is good, haven't been there for awhile, though. We recently got some nice takeout at China Garden (used to be Wing Wah) on Whitehorse next to Foley's across fm Kmart in Hamilton. The Generals Shrimp was fresh, cooked and seasoned perfectly. The lo mein was was delicious. Everyone liked the Mu Shu Pork but I've had better. Overall, impressive for a little whole in the wall takeout place for the area.

    2. Jade has great sushi. I actually like their sushi better than Kenji's On sundays that have all you can eat sushi for about $22.