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What to buy at Stonewall Kitchen

I'm headed up to Stonewall Kitchen tomorrow for a cooking class... any suggestions on what "must have" products to buy while I'm up there? Thanks!

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      I love the ketchup. I eat it on everything... I use it like salsa dip... OMG- reminds me that I am completely out of it! OH NO!

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        They also have a vadelia fig spread that is just yummy...

      2. I like their passion fruit guava hot sauce.

        1. The roasted garlic onion jam is terrific!

          1. I find them pricey but have never had anything that wasn't really good.

            1. The Maine wild blueberry jam, the tequila lime cocktail sauce, and the orange syrup are all excellent

              1. Farmhouse Chutney... Make sure you pick up recipe cards for the things you like. They have bowls set up for tasting.. Loved my cooking class there..

                They have an outlet store in Rochester?, NH. About half an hour from the store in York. Sometimes its crooked labels, sometimes it will say use before...., sometimes it will say too much fruit.... They are always very good buys...

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                  Hot Pepper jelly on a toastette with Camembert, or just cream cheese.

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                      Not related to Stonewall Kitchen, but Hot pepper jelly is so simple to make and can yourself- I did it this year for the first time and it's divine on crackers with cream cheese. I imagine it would be incredible with camembert- yum- gonna have to try that (once I'm done with my post holiday diet ... :) ).

                2. I love their Farmhouse Pancake mix.

                  1. I love their Holiday Jam and Holiday Syrup(first heard about these on Chowhound). Both are now marked down on their site. I also really like their Asian Ginger Teriyaki Sauce. There's not many of their products that I haven't liked.

                    1. This just reminded me that I really like their curried mango grill sauce.

                      1. Absolutely love Stonewall Kitchen products. Here's what I use on a regular basis:
                        Strawberry Brandied Apricot Jam - perfect on toast and even better in the center of a thumbprint shortbread cookie
                        Sun-dried tomato and olive relish - Mix together with some cream cheese and you have an incredible spread for crackers. Keep it on hand for unexpected company
                        Maple Chipotle Grill Sauce - I mix in a little orange juice and use it for grilling chicken
                        Onion Jam - Spread on crackers with cream cheese; I've also heard it can be used for a base in onion soup
                        The pancake mixes are also quite good. Have fun at the cooking class!

                          1. A mustard sampler would be a good choice if you like it. Even the ones that have sweetener added are good, and I do not enjoy sweet mustard. My favorite is the horseradish mustard.

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                              I always have a jar of the Bourbon Molasses Mustard on hand. It can become one of your "Secret" ingredients. I'm not a fan of sweet mustards as a rule but this one can become addictive.

                              A tiny amount can make for a very interesting vinaigrette.

                              Penny http://www.bostonzest.com/

                            2. Thanks everyone! All these suggestions sound fabulous... especially the homemade ketchup, roasted garlic onion jam, and sundried tomato and olive relish! Will be sure to pick up recipe cards. I'm taking the vegetarian cooking lunchtime class, so I'm assuming we'll be eating too. Will go to the cafe next time!

                              1. Have lunch in the cafe. Get the lobster sandwich. Truthfully the store is way more expensive than buying the stuff at Russos. I learned that the hard way.

                                1. I took a cooking class at SWK last winter. Their kitchen is TDF~

                                  Wait to buy anything, because they have items at a discount and recipes from the
                                  class you are taking that you can purchase.

                                  Most everything I have ever bought there have been outstanding, albeit very expensive.

                                  1. Got the pineapple ginger sauce and apricot amaretto jam. Both new products and DELICIOUS!