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Jan 6, 2010 05:32 AM

A New Tibetan/Nepali in JH's

Yet another Tibetan/Nepali in JH's called Shangi La Express at 72-24 Roosevelt Ave. I just noticed it yesterday and plan to visit soon. Standard menu with low prices and the place was busy at 2PM. Very close to Tibetan Yak. I'm amazed at the number of Tibetan/Nepali restauants in JH's. I've been to most but haven't decided on a favorite.

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  1. I haven't been to the one on 76th, but I like this one the most so far. At other places, I never really 'got' tibetan food. but I thought the chilli chicken and curry chicken and tripe were great here. some great heat.

    1. I was at Shangri La Express a few weeks ago and found the momos to be awful. Perhaps because they were not fresh, but they would not have been good when fresh either. I never cared for the ones offered from their food cart either. Their other offerings did not look appealing enough to try. They've got karaoke downstairs.

      Nepali/Tibetan/Bhutanese had one of the highest rates of immigration to the US in 2009 (many refugees). It's obvious with the explosion of their visibility in the JH area. I'm psyched that there's finally a place to buy uniquely Nepali ingredients like gundruk, jimbu and chhurpi (at Himalayan Mini Mart on 39Av/63rd St in Woodside).

      I prefer to go to Lali Guras for their momos and thali. They don't have the selection of places like Thakali Kitchen and Yak, but I find it to taste better and it's also cheaper. Unfortunately, I've found Thakali Kitchen to not be as good as it once was (but that shouldn't deter anyone from checking it out).

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        had teh momos at the original cart and wasnt a great fan. havent had tehm here. I loved them at the RIP himalayan fast food which is now Bhim's cafe.