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Jan 6, 2010 05:12 AM

What is the best place for...

What in your opinion is the best place in Montreal to buy a certain thing?

(e.g. chocolate from Le Maitre Chocolatier, beef from La Maison du Rôti, etc etc)

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  1. I'll second chocolate from Le Maitre Chocolatier.

    1. Café Myriade for coffee beans!

      1. I would say Milos for crab cakes, but Milos is the only restaurant in Montreal where I have had crab cakes. Theirs are the best I have had anywhere, though.

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        1. re: souschef

          Oh god I love crab cakes. Good one..

        2. Caraibe delite (ave de parc north of villeneuve) for boneless chicken roti with hot sauce

          saveurs de quebec store in jean talon market is THE place to stock up on edible quebec goodies.

          Gourmet Laurier for Grey Poupon, better than maille brand mustard

          Diablissimo on Mont Royal for fresh pesto sauce

          queue de cauchon for sausages (in fromentier bakery location)

          coco rico for rotisserie chicken

          India beau village for channa somosa and onion kulcha

          anyway, these are my personal go-to places for these items

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          1. re: Lowe Arthorbit

            *Saveurs du Quebec* - where in Jean Talon market?

            1. re: NickMontreal

              They probably mean "Le Marché des Saveurs" - it's at the southeast corner of the market.


            2. re: Lowe Arthorbit

              Seconding Caraibe Delite.

              Rotisserie Romados for Portuguese grilled chicken.

              Rotisserie Romados
              115 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, QC H2W1C8, CA

              Cuisine Caraibe Delite
              4816 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V4E6, CA

              1. re: Lowe Arthorbit

                Pushap for samosas, vege thali as well as Indian sweets
                Bombay Choupati for dosas and other South Indian delights
                Caribbean Curry House for rotis
                Pho Bac for ca phe sua da Vietnamese iced coffee
                Akhakan for middle eastern supplies
                Patisserie Bella Vista for Portuguese natas (and especially the choco-natas and pastel de feijão)
                Domaine Pinnacle for ice cidre and especially their fortified 1859 product

                1. re: pyropaul99

                  Restaurant Pik'S for jerk chicken and oxtail dishes.

              2. St. Viateur for bagels
                Gryphon for scones
                Nostos for gyro
                Abu Elias for shish taouk, and rotisserie chicken too
                Mahrouse for arabic baklava

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                1. re: C70

                  The scones I had at The Sparrow were much better. IMHO

                  1. re: bigfellow

                    I agree that The Sparrow's scones are awesome. Just to let people know so they won't be disappointed, they don't always have them as they rotate their baked goods - sometimes it's scones, but other times it's crumpets or croissants or something else.

                    Gryphon d'or's scones are also fab - and their shortbread alone makes it worth a trip to NDG, IMO.

                    1. re: kpzoo

                      Today it was eccles cakes with clotted cream... swoon!

                      1. re: english muffin

                        Was that real clotted cream? Or just thick regular cream? I wish the Quebec dairy industry would get off its collective ass and start making decent cream without any seaweed, gums or other un-necessary additives. Cream should contain only cream!


                        1. re: pyropaul99

                          Real, made on the premises (I asked). Not a huge scoop though, a perfect little mound on top of the eccles cake. Heavenly...

                          1. re: english muffin

                            I read the title of this thread as meaning "where to buy" the best food items
                            in Mtl........

                            which bakery sells scones as good as Sparrow's ?

                  2. re: C70

                    Has Nostos on L'Acadie temporary closed, because the place next door was firebombed(& it also damaged Nostos). Not sure, I thought I saw a news report sometime this week mentioning Nostos.

                    1. re: BLM

                      Yes, it was severely damaged and they are renovating. They are supposed to be opening in the next month or so.

                      1. re: BLM

                        Yah, the owner lady was on Pulse news last week, it looks like they had residual effect of the firebombing and are renovating from the look and sound of the report.