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Jan 6, 2010 04:40 AM

What did you eat on New Year's Day?

I had an open house, and prepared the following:

Chili made with 1/2" cubes of under blade chuck roast (well-trimmed of fat and gristle), red wine and kidney beans, chile powder, cumin, coriander, oregano, diced pickled jalapeño, garlic, beef broth, Muir Glen organic tomato puree. I added a piece of smoked turkey wing late in the crock pot process (it should've been sooner to add much flavor, I think). The flavors melded well and the meat was very tender. I added some flour (a 1/8 cup? in a huge batch) early on to help with the thickness, but the level of thickness ended up just right. -- after I simmered it for a while without the lid to increase evaporation. Overall, I think I cooked it in the crockpot for around 13 or so hours. I did not brown the meat in advance, but just put all of the ingredients in the pot and cranked it up to high for a while, then adjusted between low and high. I was surprised at how good it was (and I think the keys were the red wine aspect and the ground coriander). ;-).

Black eyed peas made with bacon. Served with Texas Pete's peppers-in-vinegar sauce and chopped onions.

Plain white rice.
White cornbread (my brother-in-law brought his -- it is very nice).

Collards made with a little sugar, red wine vinegar, bacon, smoked turkey wing. I couldn't find whole fresh collards, so used the Glory brand pre-washed and pre-cut collards in the bag. Not bad at all, but a bit stemmy (easily dealt with) and maybe could be cut a little smaller. Did I put some beef broth in the collards? I think i just used water.

Queso dip made with Publix's Velveeta clone, Jimmy Dean sausage, diced pickled jalapeños, Muir Glen organic tomato puree. This dip was very popular. I served it with Yellow Corn round chips from Chifles and White Corn Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips from ... um, what was it... (not Tostitos...but available at not Utz...). They were labeled as "lightly salted" and were preferred by my salt-averse brother in law.

I tried the new-to-me Ritz crackers with "just a touch of salt," I think that they'll be my new standard. We also had Kraft cheddar-colby cheese to snack on with the crackers, or to put on the chili. I love all kinds of cheese, and am very happy with the Kraft cheese as a good and popular-with-people cheese. (I usually use their jalapeño jack to make cheese grits). Self-described foodies may turn up their noses, but that's OK; I'm not worried about their opinions on Kraft cheese. If I could've even found some exotic cheese, it may not have been the best "fit" for the event.
Also, Bloody Mary's and Fresh Salty Dogs with Vodka.

So...I had my beans and greens for a fantastic 2010.

What about you? Tell me about your New Year's Day food -- eaten or prepared. What was most popular? What surprised you most, good or bad?

By the way, on Christmas, my hunter-nephew fixed some fried wild turkey, along with venison. It was yummy with the Swamp Mustard! (He also told me their hot sauce is good).

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  1. I was on my way to watch my team play in the It was chocolate donuts on the Goldline from union station, salami sandwich and grapes tailgating on the lawn, beer and popcorn as my team scored and a wonderful Mexican victory dinner of chile rellanos and a margarita. It was a wonderful kickoff to the new year.

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    1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

      After breakfast which I posted about on What's the first thing you ate/cooked in 2010? thread I remember making a black eyed pea salad for dinner and the rest of the day is a complete blank...................................Oregon Duck Fan

      1. re: BeefeaterRocks

        lol Beefeater..if it's any consolation, your meal sounds better than mine. :)

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          i looked for a thread like that, but didn't see it -- before i posted this one.

      2. Assorted sushi, assorted sashimi, ozoni, oden, sweet sour pork ribs, char sui, potato salad, teriyaki chix, won ton, spicey chix wings, ham, assorted veggies with spanich dip, fried turkey, pan fried noodles, shrmp marinated in saki and broiled with mayo and garlic salt. hot saki, wine, assotrted sodas. All prepared and eaten for abt 30 people and still had enough for everyone to take home and still had some leftover. WHEW...

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          that is some feast! tell me more about the shrimp/saki/mayo/garlic dish, please.

          1. re: alkapal

            Buy some jumbo tiger shrimp. (we served abt 80)
            Peel leaving the tail on.
            Remove the vein and butterfly and rinse.
            Put shrimp in plastic bag and pour in about 1- 2 cups saki
            (Ozeki brand is what we use since it is not an expensive brand)
            Marinate overnight turn once. (Put plastic bag in flat container to avoid leakage)
            Pre heat broiler
            In bowl mix about 2 cups mayo and 2 tbls garlic salt
            (if you add to much it gets salty)
            Mix shrimp in mayo mixture and mix.
            Spread shrimp on broiler pan and broil until pink. Serve hot.
            Note: if you like a more garlic taste add a little garlic powder.
            I would do a couple to see how it tastes so you can adjust.

            1. re: flylice2x

              hmmm, thanks for that. it sounds good; i'm crazy about shrimp!

        2. lechon (roasted pig), paella, baked cream dory fillet (topped with cream cheese, mayo and garlic then bake 'til golden and bubbly) and vanilla ice cream topped with mixed berries soaked in balsamic:) gained 5 pounds total hihi!

          1. DW & I have a tradition where we have our Christmas turkey in New Year's Day. Local fresh turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, home made cranberry sauce, etc.

            We had a some friends over for a nice family dinner, and a good time was had by all.

            1. We go out for dim sum every New Year's Day, and this year we found a really good place in the Dallas area, for a change. We've been missing this quality since moving here years ago.