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Jan 6, 2010 03:59 AM

North Shore vegetarian?

Any recommendations for a special occasion?

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  1. This morning's Globe on-line has an informative article on Boston area raw, vegan and vegetarian restaurants. In Newburyport Grezza is an upscale dining spot. I've never been to it but it's worth a look at their web site, I think. Here's the link to the article:

    25 State St., Newburyport. 978-961-1676.
    (Also at 69 Prince St., Boston. 857-362-7288.

    Revitalive Cafe (Raw
    )Tannery Mall, 50 Water St.,

    1. For very good South Indian food I would suggest The Pongal Restaurant on Rte 3A in Billerica. They have a wide variety of very good vegetarian dishes that I have always enjoyed. The restaurant is rather large and could easily accommodate a large group. I am sure they would be willing to work out a menu in advance for you too. I have always found the waitstaff and the manager to be very friendly and professional.

      1. We've noticed that there are not as many choices for vegetarians on the North Shore as you might think, considering the number of restaurants. Many have no veg options at all, and many others have just one. Here are a couple of thoughts. Grapevine in Salem has several vegetarian pasta options and a lovely setting. Sixty2onWharf in Salem is also a great setting, and we love the food, but you'd have to stay with pasta. Nathaniel's in the Hawthorne Hotel and Duckworth's Bistro in Gloucester have one veg entree (non pasta) on the menu.

        1. Thanks very much for your help. I've been poking around at this all day and am astounded at the few choices. As northshoregirl says, many places have one or two veg dishes and then it's on to the tenderloin! I'm not the vegetarian in the group but I have increasing respect for the choice! Anyway, there are some great suggestions here. Thanks again.

          1. Resiup, you've been around the block here and are quite seasoned, I'd pick a resto that you really like, call and ask to talk to the chef and request that he/she prepare something special, al la vegetarian, for your party.

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