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Jan 6, 2010 03:38 AM

Midtown/Buckhead Atlanta - Great Spot that Would Deliver A Meal That Would Keep/Freeze?

I have a dear friend who just had triplets and I'd like to send her a meal since i know she has no time to cook. Any great restaurants that deliver to the Lindberg area that would possibly let me pay over the phone and deliver to her house? ideally I'd love for it to be a meal that could keep well or freeze well in case they are flooded with food and can't eat it right away (ex: no gourmet pizza, etc.) Or any other ideas that I missing? Don't want to do Omaha Steaks or anything like that. Thanks!

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  1. Souper Jenny has the kind of take-home stuff that you're looking for (think they have take-away casseroles, and obviously soup). But I don't know that they deliver.

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      They don't deliver or accept credit cards. Looks like a cute place, though? I found a service called "Instead of Flowers" that sends meals. I wonder if it is any good? Anyone have experience with this group or other ideas? Thanks.

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        Sorry, forgot about Jen's whole cash thing. They may only have sandwich-y stuff, but Savor is at Peachtree Battle (right off Lindbergh) and might be able to do a sort of gift basket. And OK Cafe does take away. I guess if you're real motivated, maybe a courier could do the deed. There's always Whole Foods, too, I suppose. Or one of the BBQ places like Pig n Chik, Community or DBA.

    2. Try The Dinner A'fare -- . I know the location nearest us delivers. I have some friends that love their meals.

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