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Jan 6, 2010 03:28 AM

Question about LA Fish Company

Hello, I'm interested in making my own sushi and I'm looking for a place to buy some nice quality fish. A lot of people on this board speak highly of LA Fish Company, but I had some questions about buying from there.

First, do they only offer the whole fish or do they sell pre-cut fillets? Their site isn't specific.

Does anyone have experience shopping there? I live in Pomona so it's kind of a drive, and it would be great to know what to expect when I go there.

Anything else anyone would be able to let me know would be awesome, thanks so much! :)

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  1. Maybe give them a call and get first hand, up to the minute information directly from the horse's (fishe's) mouth?

    Los Angeles Fish Co
    420 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA

    1. I hope anyone preparing sushi at home follows the FDA regulation governing every restaurant from Urasawa to Sushi R Us and checks with the purveyor to make sure the fish have been frozen hard enough to kill parasites. (You get a sense of just how hard that is from the following picture of a worker "[c]utting frozen Tuna using a band saw in the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo": .) For details -- including a discussion of why the one fish not covered (tuna) is usually frozen anyway -- see the NY Times story that I reference in a recent discussion banished to General Chowhounding Topics:

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        I don't, but that's just me. As long as you know the products and where they are coming from, there are no issues.

      2. bump, anybody know?

        1. Why not go to Nijiya Japanese market in Rowland Heights and buy the pre-cut fillets?

          1. LA fish is a wholesaler, so mostly they sell whole fish. They have filets of hamachi and salmon, but it's still half a hamachi or salmon, so probably more than you would want to use at home unless you're serving a lot of people. The quality is great, but I can't tell you what it's like walking in there and trying to buy a little bit at a time. If you go there you might as well go to International Marine Products at the same time - they overlap a little but IMP has more sushi specific products. I would call and get instructions about the best time to show up. Typically they don't seem to like non-professional customers to come in until things slow down, and then they start putting stuff away, so timing is a little tricky if you want to see everything they offer. If you are just buying basic stuff like tuna, hamachi, and salmon, it's probably easier just to buy it from Marukai. The quality will probably be the same, and you can ask for it in a big block if you don't want it cut. I doubt LA Fish is going to sell just a pound or two of tuna to a retail customer, but I could be wrong.

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              Didn't IMP go wholesale only a few years ago?

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                I'm sorry, maybe they did? I wasn't aware of the change, but it wouldn't surprise me. Check before you go!

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                  Based on:

                  Since Jan 08' IMP (International Marine) has changed it's hours and Customer Policy. They now are only Wholesale and really don't deal with Retail Customers anymore. 9:30am Closing.


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                    Woops! Sorry. That was four years ago!