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Mar 23, 2005 03:23 PM

French 75

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Noticed that French 75 is coming to the Irvine Marketplace and was wondering if I should be excited. I believe there is an existing location in Laguna Beach--has anyone had a dining experience at this restaurant?

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    torta basilica

    Yes, a few reviews on this board if you do a search. I wouldn't get too excited.

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      Went there several times.
      First time, WOW...
      then each time thereafter, diminished in terms of food and service.

      Personally, if I want a Wilhelm kinda evening, I'll do Chat Noir. That's been a winner each time we've gone.

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        torta basilica

        I've had 3 'Off' nights at French 75 & refuse to go back... Had lunch at Chat Noir yesterday - I wouldn't order the seafood Louie again, but the onion & bacon tart appetizer was greasy, but delicious. Comes with a pile of perfectly-dressed frisee on top to counteract the butteriness & richness of the tart. Would order that as my sole entree next time - only $10. Our shared tart appetizer, 1 shrimp cocktail, my seafood Louie ($22) & a carafe of Fume Blanc ($21) came to over $65, which was a lot for a light lunch. Think I'll order more carefully next time!

    2. I was excited about it too... until I went there. They overcooked the sweetbreads and the seafood that a couple of us in the party had. To be fair, they could have just had an off night, but I don't think I will attempt it again.

      1. I'm looking forward to its opening. Just to clarify, The Marketplace you are talking of is also commonly called the Tustin Marketplace (not to be confused with Irvine Spectrum [I know you're not, Afty]). It's the huge complex shopping center that spans both sides of Jamboree Road just off the I-5 Freeway. One side is Tustin Marketplace and the other side of Jamboree is Irvine Marketplace (with the same huge purple marquis with neon pointer stripe lights)

        Another good restaurants in that Irvine Marketplace is Opah (next to BJ Brewhouse and WaSa Sushi). However, many are family oriented chain restaurants. See, http://www.shopthemarketplace.com/

        Just to clarify, the "new" French 75 will actually be a "French 75 Brasserie" and not like the upscale dinner house in Laguna Beach, although it IS a creation of David Wilhmelm's Culinary Adventures.

        And, it will be similar to Rouge in Fashion Island, but even a little more casual.

        And, since David Wilhelm has acquired chef Yvon Goetz (from the Ritz Carlton Dining Room) to be corporate executive chef of his Chat Noir, French 75, and Rouge Bistro, I can only imagine at this time that his new restaurant will be worth a try and probably very good. I don't know who will be cheffing at the Brasserie, but I doubt they will be too formal or elaborate. Culinary Adventures has some very good chefs.

        Any time I have been to the French 75 in Laguna Beach, it was wonderful food, wonderful service, and a nice room. I also like Sorrento Grill and Chat Noir. I enjoyed Chimayo in Fashion Island while it was there, now it's Rouge) I've seen some things I wouldn't order that others in my party had, but my choices have been very delicious and very well prepared.

        So, I don't plan on being disappointed by the new, but casual, French 75 Brasserie. But, I'm not expecting a formal dinnerhous. I'm glad one of my friends works in that area and we will be able to enjoy lunch there. And, it's enroute to another friends' home in Orange. So, dinner, too!

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          Just ate at French75 Brasserie about 10 days ago. I didn't like the restaurant---too noisy and way too much bustle; bad live music. However, I have to admit, the steaks were very good and the twice baked potato was excellent. However, I won't return, as the noise negatively outweighed any goodness in the steak. Also, parking in Century City on a weekend night is a complete pain.

          When we made the reservation, the person who took it was quite specific that the dress code was nice business casual; not jeans, etc. When we arrived, nicely dressed as requested, we were shocked to see what they allowed people to wear---scuzzy, sights for sore eyes.

          I don't mind casual. But I do dislike being told to dress up when, in fact, the restaurant has no dress code.

          Our waiter was a joke. He tried to be so, so sophisticated; yet, he couldn't correctly pronounce half of what he was saying.

          If you want a restaurant that tries to be a French bistro (but doesn't make it), if you want noise and if you want to eat with people who just attended the movies but look like they fell out of bed, try this place. You'll get a good steak, at a very hefty price. You can do better.

        2. I just reviewed the Burbank one this week. Same sentiments as Food Scrounger ^ -- I wouldn't go back.


          1. Recognizing that the Original Post is over a YEAR OLD. We were at F-75 Brassiere last night NOV 06' and it was above average across the board and we ordered several items. They have a new Chef who's only been there 3 months!
            The Best Appy was the LOBSTER Beignets which is new and very good!
            The Kobe Rib eye was very good (it should be, it was 55-)
            The Fries are very good but we like the Potato Chips best.
            Desserts are good. Worth a re-visit.