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Jan 5, 2010 08:03 PM

KC..Power and Light district..where's the good beer and food?

KU graduation in late May and staying for 2 days downtown KC.
What's good?

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  1. The Flying Saucer is a great place for beer--huge variety, but I've found the food to be pretty bad.

    Aside from Bristol and Chef Burger, I really can't think of anywhere good to eat in P&L (but maybe I'm forgetting something, I don't go there often). All of the big bars (i.e. McFaddens) have food options, but it's not very different from every other big chain.

    Do you have access to a car? If you want to get a good idea of what KC has to offer in regards to food it might be better to drive somewhere to eat and then go back to P&L to drink.

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      Hi Polly,
      Yes, we'll have a car..haven't been to KC in quite a few years..I'm a Mission Hills gal and my DH wants to go where all the good micro breweries and food and read that the P&L is the place for the later.
      Open to all suggestions!

      1. re: Beach Chick

        801 Chop House in the Power and Light district is amazing! That and Bristol for dinner. Flying Saucer for beer. They have great soft preztels there to go with the brewskies! Have fun!

        1. re: Beach Chick

          The only place that I can think of in the P&L that brews beer is Gordon Biersch--but maybe I'm missing something. Flying Saucer doesn't brew but probably has the best selection in town.

          Are you going to Free State in Lawrence? That would definitely be the best place I can think of for great beer and great food. There is also 23rd Street Brewery in Lawrence. I don't like it as much as Free State, but it provides some variation.

          I'm a big craft beer fan myself, and I really like Grinders in the Crossroads (not far from P&L--definitely walkable in May) for a great beer selection and great food. Service is crappy, but if you know that going in you should be fine.

          My favorite place for beer and food is Blanc Burgers & Bottles in Westport. Fantastic beer list and excellent food. The Foundry and McCoys (another brew-pub) are across the street and both have good beer/food.

          Another brewpub in KC I'd recommend is 75th St. Brewery in Waldo. I think the beer is better than the food (standard bar/grill fare) but Waldo has lots of other bars/restaurants to hit up. Swagger has been getting a lot of great hype lately for their food and they look to have a good beer list.

      2. I actually think Raglan Road has decent food and good drinks. Plus, they typically have a great Irish band to get you in the mood to drink. I don't mind Gordon Biersch (blue cheese chips are good), but nothing else in P&L suits me.

        1. I am a big fan of the locals. So, Grinders, The Brick, Bulldog, JP Wine Bar, El Patron on SW Blvd. The Brick is a true dive and awesome. Try the sweet potato fries.

          1. Thank you all for the great rec's..I'll report back!

            1. The food isn't great there, mostly chains. I like Chef Burger, independently owned and good burgers. They have beer as well as spiked milk shakes.
              If you are looking to go more upscale, the Bristol is very good and is a beautiful restaurant.