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Jan 5, 2010 07:45 PM


For those that are interested, Clayton is launching its own restaurant week at the end of this month.

In: Alexander's, Araka, Barcelona, Bar Napoli, J. Bucks, Jimmy's On The Park, John P. Fields, Luciano's, Mazara, Miso, Molly Darcy's (Seven Gables Inn), Oceano, Portabella, Remy's, Ruth's Chris, The Crossing, The Grill at The Ritz-Carlton

Check it:

17 fine dining restaurants, 3 courses, $25 Jan 25th -31st 2010

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  1. I started a thread on this Monday, the 4th. No one has responded. I asked about Mazara, which has a vegetarian friendly menu. Any thoughts?
    It seems that all the St. Louis diners are hunkering down in their warm homes.
    Thanks, p.j.

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    1. re: p.j.

      I've heard good things about Mazara, hopefully they won't get overshadowed by the Chez Leon opening next door. Heard that place jammed over the weekend.

      Still like Crossing a lot, Araka is stepping it up for CRW as well as Jimmy's on the eastern tip.

      1. re: frankiefaun

        Thanks for your response, Frankiefaun.

    2. I look at Restaurant Week as a chance to try a restauarant that is normally outside my budget and a chance to try menu items that are new to me.

      Example: Beef cheeks at The Crossing

      1. Already have reservations at the Crossing but I'll be diggin into the Idaho Trout and Creme Brulee

        1. The original comment has been removed