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Good cajun and/or creole restaurants near the Superdome

aints_05 Jan 5, 2010 06:47 PM

My wife and I are flying in to see the Saints divisional playoff game. Are there any good places to eat within walking distance of the Superdome? A good cajun buffet would be perfect.

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    mississippigirl RE: aints_05 Jan 6, 2010 09:25 AM

    I don't know of any cajun buffets - much less a good one. Luke on St. Charles is great, and within walking distance. Don't limit yourself to walking distance though - eat great food and take a taxi to the Dome. Are you looking for po-boys, red beans, jambalya, fried seafood???

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      aints_05 RE: mississippigirl Jan 6, 2010 11:47 AM

      Not even sure what we are looking for, which is why I was hoping for a buffet. Po-boys, muffuletta sandwichs, jambalaya, etouffee, you name it. We'll only be down for three days, so I'm sure we won't get a chance to try everything that looks good.

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        BayouTeche RE: aints_05 Jan 6, 2010 12:43 PM

        Allegro Bistro on Poydras opens for Saints games with a buffet. It's not my bag, so I've never been, but it's always busy.

    2. mrsfury RE: aints_05 Jan 6, 2010 05:02 PM

      Lil Dizzy's on Poydras is a long walk but it's a straight shot to the dome.

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        roro1831 RE: mrsfury Jan 7, 2010 05:03 AM

        A long walk is a relative thing depending on where the OP is from. When I lived in NOLA, a long walk to me was about 3 blocks. Now that I live in the NYC area, I walk everywhere, so the 9 block or so walk from there to the Dome would be nothing.

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          aints_05 RE: roro1831 Jan 7, 2010 11:43 AM

          We'd be okay with walking a mile or so, I'd think. But that does bring up a question. How pedestrian friendly is this area? I don't imagine there are huge hills or anything. But do any of the streets lack crosswalks? Any areas I shouldn't be walking around after dark, that kind of thing.

          And thanks all for the suggestions so far.

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            uptownlibrarian RE: aints_05 Jan 7, 2010 12:09 PM

            That area is very pedestrian friendly, never more so than before and after Saints games. You'll have no trouble. Of course, keep your wits about you as you would anyplace.

            I wouldn't really think of Lil Dizzy's as a long walk from the dome either. It's about a half mile so should be fine for your group. It wouldn't necessarily be my choice for pregame food, but if you're heart is set on Creole it's probably one of your better options. It's not Cajun.

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              aints_05 RE: uptownlibrarian Jan 7, 2010 06:37 PM

              Great, thanks.

              So what are your favorite places for pregame, or post-game, food?

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                uptownlibrarian RE: aints_05 Jan 8, 2010 06:22 AM

                That game starts at 3:00, so you've got more options and time than if it was at noon, which is nice. You could have lunch at any of the several good hotel restaurants in the area: MiLa, Domenica, Rambla, Luke, etc. Or you could do something in the Quarter - you could put together a nice meal of shared brunch-y plates at Green Goddess, where they have several dishes on the lunch/brunch menu with touches of South Louisiana, like boudin, oysters, gulf shrimp, etc.

                Several places I might otherwise recommend for lunch aren't open early on Saturday, such as Cochon and Herbsaint, but you might try giving them a call to check if they're planning to be open for this very special occasion.

                And, if you could stand to hop in a cab (or on the streetcar) for a travel-worthy brunch, you could head uptown to Dante's Kitchen, which opens at 10:30 on Saturdays (and Sundays) for brunch, or up Esplanade (cab or bus) to the original Lil' Dizzys (open 7:00) or Cafe Degas (open 11:00).

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