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Jan 5, 2010 06:31 PM

crab rangoons

im looking for some in calgary .anyone have a good place?

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  1. I asked about this before- somebody mentioned a place in Saskatoon as the only place in Canada they knew had them. I'd say we're outta luck.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Genesis on 22nd St (at about Avenue H) in Saskatoon used to make crab rangoon.

      It was crab (probably actually pollock) plus cream cheese deep fried in a won ton wrapper.
      Haven't been to Genesis in ages so don't know if they still serve it.
      It was usually a dim sum dish and not available on the dinner menu.

      I realize this doesn't help the OP in Calagary...

      1. re: Sandy204

        That new fast food kiosk in Eaton Centre- Mandarin Express?- advertises "seafood rangoon" now.

    2. I don't know whether or not anyone makes them up in Calgary, but aren't crab rangoons one of those Americanized "Chinese" dishes that you never find outside of the States? I've never seen them on a menu up here.

      Good luck on the search!

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      1. re: peter.v

        It's regional see it more in the Eastern part of the US and almost not at all in the West.

        In Vancouver, the only places I know that had it were the long gone Polynesian themed places like the old Trader Vic's which had a pseudo-Polynesian-Chinese menu and as a bar appetizer at the Waldorf when they had those great lounge nights. (You do see similar cream-cheese filled appetizers in some Japanese or Chinese Fusion places here and there...but not as "Crab Rangoon").

        If Calgary has a "Polynesian" lounge or something like that, you might see it on the appetizer menu. Otherwise, make it yourself (wonton skins, cream cheese, fake crab, chives, etc....the recipes are out there).

        Honestly though, you're not missing much, FWIW.

        1. re: fmed

          I lived in Kentucky and Alabama for two years each in the 90s and that was when I discovered these things, at Chinese buffet tables. I grew up in the Chicago area and had never heard of them; never saw them on menus in 4 years of college in Oregon and 7 years of grad school in Wisconsin, so I assumed they were a southern US thing.

          They are absolutely delicious and probably ounce for ounce one of the most unhealthy things you can eat. A deep-fried wonton stuffed with cream cheese? And ALL YOU CAN EAT? LOL!

          1. re: John Manzo

            I have seen it menus in NY, Boston, St Louis - one of the theories is that they originated there at the 1904 World's Fair. Another theory is that they originated in Oakland at the Trader Vic's in the 1950's....but it isn't common in California (in the big cities anyway...they may exist in the smaller places where Chinese buffets abound.). I hear that in some States, it is more common served in Thai places than Chinese places.

            I suppose it's delicious. I like all things made with cream cheese. I just can't imagine it going with an Asian-style menu. I had a similar appetizer recently that was cream cheese and cranberries fried in wonton skin.

      2. They are "American Chinese" cuisine. I've only had them once in the States, never had them in Canada... because my experience with these is so limited, not sure what compares as a good crab rangoon, however I think Open Sesame on MacLeod has a version on their menu.

        As well, I think Misai Sushi in NE has something similar - a crab. avocado, cream cheese egg roll on their menu.

        1. Not a 'good' place per se but my $0.02 - I could have sworn one of the chinese fast food places in Market Mall was hawking them - Teriyaki Grill I think its called?? (next to the news stand in the food court) I saw a promo poster but never did get around to trying them.

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          1. re: maplesugar

            True Confessions Time-

            I'm So Old I actually remember eating them @ Trader Vic's when it was down by the Bayshore.

            Have no clue what they tasted like since it was some kind of drunken blowout-Trader Vic's always was in those Halcyon Days of Yore(!)

          2. The Kilkenny/Limericks/Joyce etc. Irish pub chain has Crab Pockets on its appetizers portion of the menu. Says it's rock crab blended with spicy cream cheese and scallions then fried in a crisp wonton wrapper with a Thai chili sauce which sounds like the crab rangoon you are looking for. I don't know if it is any good as I'm lactose intolerant so I haven't tried them. Their food is chain restaurant quality food so nothing to write home about.