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Jan 5, 2010 06:09 PM

Farm Table

Has anyone tried this tiny coffee house on Post and Leavenworth yet? The owners are graduates of the University of Blue Bottle. They use beans from Verve in Santa Cruz and have gotten high marks on Yelp.

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  1. Yes, went a few weekends ago on a Sunday morning. Tiny space (literally - one communal 'farm table' and very friendly staff, assorted baked goods and a few specials. They're supposed to have great homemade cereal, which I didn't get to try because it had sold out by the time I got there (around 10:30) that day. I had banana-coconut bread pudding, which was served warm and had slices of caramelized banana and toasted coconut (real not flakes), and very good. Their drip coffee has free refills, though the quality of the Verve beans holds up very well and is similar to a strong Blue Bottle (for those who enjoy that). Stood up well to milk, but very smooth without too. I'll definitely be going back there the next time I'm in the Tendernob (which they've named a drink after - in between a macchiato and a cappucino, closer to the macchiato side).

    Farm Table
    754 Post St, San Francisco, CA

    1. I haven't had the food, .but the coffee is absolutely phenomenal. As a lover of Blue Bottle, Verve coffee is probably my second favorite, just edging out Ritual.

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        Vulber, if you like Verve, you gotta get down to Sight Glass on 7th, just up from Folsom. They just are operating out of a garage opening while their cafe is being built, but the coffee (Verve) is really good. I had the best espresso I have ever had yesterday.