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Jan 5, 2010 06:00 PM

Ame, Boulevard or Perbacco

Haven't been to downtown San Francisco for awhile. Going there for a conference with my honey and we plan to dine well. One night, Gary Danko, one night Aqua and the last night we are torn between Boulevard, an old favorite (is it still great?), Ame (loved it a few years ago) and Perbacco (haven't tried it yet). Would appreciate any comments on the three, or, open to new recommendations along the same lines. Thanks,

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  1. I would do Perbacco since you haven't been! I love Ame, but Perbacco is worth a visit. I especially like the quail stuffed with rice, sausages, and vegetables. The sauce on it is delicious.

    1. In my opinion, all three of those restaurants are better than Aqua these days. Could you nix Aqua and to Boulevard and Perbacco?

      1. Do you live in the Bay Area?

        For what it's worth, Ame is the only one that's only open for dinner; Perbacco's lunch menu is fairly similar to its dinner menu although naturally less expensive; Boulevard's lunch menu differs a little more from dinner.

        1. WOW! Those are three of my favorite restaurants in the city.

          Perbacco isn't as "special" as Boulevard or Ame, but the food is my favorite Italian food outside of Italy. Boulevard was great the last time I went (almost a year ago) and Ame is always sublime. I'd say this is more of a mood issue. Go to Perbacco for a more fun, happening experience with *awesome* northern Italian cuisine, go to Boulevard for traditional CA-French, or go to Ame for fusion. You know what? Skip Boulevard, the food is too similar to Gary Danko. Go to Ame for a more special meal, or Perbacco for a more casual meal -- but every bit as memorable.

          Edited to add: I also agree with PulledPork that all three of these restaurants are preferable to Aqua, especially if you are the ones paying.

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            You and Pulled Pork may just have convinced us to nix Acqua and try Perbacco----or-----maybe just add Perbacco for lunch. The stuffed quail sounds right up my alley. This is going to be a decadent week. Thanks so much for the feedback.

          2. Man, this post makes me yearn something fierce to go back and eat at Ame. Sadly, I'm on the other side of the country!