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Jan 5, 2010 04:42 PM


I was reared in L'ville and left as soon as I possibly could but I have a relative there and visit whenever I can. I will be going up next week and wonder if anyone can enlighten me on the food situation since I will be taking most of my meals out. Are there any noteworthy BBQ places, or ethic places of any kind where some decent, or at least edible, grub might be had. I am open to almost any kind of food other than chain or f.f., Thanks, terribly picky Joe

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  1. Lewisville/Northwest Carrollton

    If you include the fringes of Carrollton you open up your options a bit. I work around the 35/121 area. Here are my choices for eateries in the area.

    Cajun PoBoys
    Bayou Market - Southwest Parkway and Business 121. I like the Shrimp ones. They are not the best but they are better than most other places I have tried in the DFW area.

    Kerala Style Indian
    Kerala Kitchen - in the Texaco at Huffines Blvd (Exit before Hebron) and 121 in Carrollton. I like the kerala plate. The fish curry has always been bad but the avial, thoran and beef curry are great. I would skip the paratha.

    Malaysian/Asian Fusion
    Secret Recipe - Hebron @ Huffines in Carrollton. You can try all the others in the area but this place gets my vote every time. Ask Edgar the chef for any spice level and he is glad to accommodate. I really like the vinegar pork, sweet and sour version without the goopy neon sauce, bring a friend it is huge portion. Minced Pork with Tofu, a brick of fried tofu, crunchy on the outside tender inside, with a wonderful soy based miced pork sauce on top. Bring a friend on this one also. You need to ask for the Malaysian menu.

    Al Markaz - Service road of 190 between Dickinson and Old Denton
    Three choices for lunch $7.95. Service is minimal (make sure you grab you utensils and pitcher of water) but the food makes up for it. I am not sure how they actually make any money. Solid choices are haleem, kahari chicken, and dal palak (lentils with spinach). Their naan is also really good. I have also liked meat patty (beef samosa), nihari, and their biryani but not as well as the three above.

    Grill Corner – Old Orchard and Valley Ridge. If it is still open Ayesha makes some great Haleem, Charga (Pakistani marinated fried chicken), Lamb Kabobs, and a great dish of Channa Masala (curried garbanzos) with a fried naan.

    To Dam Gol - Old Denton Next to Super H Mart. Best tofu stew you will probably have. I like the pork myself (dwejigogi soondubu) and the stone fired rice bowl with veggies and meat (dolsot bi bim bap). You might call me wierd but I actually love allt he panchan (small plates of refillable veggies) here. It is not the most comprehensive pnachan ever but it has always been good.

    El Pollo Regio on the service road between Bus 121 and Fox. I think they are remodeling the space (was Panchos then Dona Carmen then El Ja Ja). If you can get in there the half or quarter grilled chicken is excellent.

    Tejupilco – Fox and Edmonds is actually a very good Mex/Tex-Mex place in Lewisville proper. I would choose it over any of the chains. I had the fajitas and was impressed. I went in with low expectations. The salsa and chips were above average.

    Taqueria Guadalajara – Fox and 35 next to El Rancho is quite good just for your taco craving.

    Tacos Regio Monterrey – Old Orchard just south of Main (Mrs Bairds Bakery Outlet center) was close to my house and I seemed to really enjoy it. There was little English spoken and not very crowded but a great selection of dishes.

    Agave – 2499 and Dixon. My wife just had a party their recently and really loved the place. I am not as easily convinced and I usually avoid the Tex-Mex places in lieu of more traditional Mexican taquerias and such.

    Cristina’s and Mi Cocina if you must go to a chain these would be some good choices. Cristina’s in Flower Mound in the boonies (Cross Timbers and Shiloh Rd) is better than the one by Vista Ridge Mall. Mi Cocina in Parker Square in Flower Mound (Main/Cross Timbers before Morriss) is an even keel chain. The service is generally really good but you pay for it in your meal.

    Corrine’s Catfish – Southbound 35 Service Rd between Main and Fox. My co-workers swear by this place. I haven’t been in a long while but from what I recall I liked the catfish.

    Really no place is a real winner. Just due to the fact it has been in service longer I would go with Old Town Meat Market on Friday and Saturday for their BBQ lunch special. I remember I liked everything except for their beans (too sweet).
    I would make the drive up to Denton for Rudy’s on 35 and Teasley.

    Andaman – Hickory in the new Denton Entertainment District. I would go to Andaman in Denton. Get the Northern Thai Dip or Mango Fish

    Hong Kong Royal – Josey and Frankford. I would definitely head to Hong Kong Royal. They have been consistently outperforming Kirin Court in service and food execution. Any of the dim sum is good, the thin rice noodles with special sauce is excellent, peking duck great, Singapore style fried rice noodles, the list goes on. I haven’t had a bad dish
    ever at HKR.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      Thanks, that should keep me busy. Of course some of the roads you mentiona are strange to me. I left there in 57 to go to UT and considerablel growth has taken place. Not the good kind either. J.

    2. Are there any cafe/diner (besides Mama's Daughters) type places serving "blue plate specials" - you know, the down-home comfort foods?

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        There are three type places in the "downtown" area alone.

        Tierney's - Main and Mill. Tierney's is across the street literally from Main Street Cafe.

        Main Street Cafe - Main and Mill

        Easy Street Cafe (190 West Main - I think is the name - corner of Main and Charles just as you get into "downtown" proper) It is across the street from the Flying Pig on the hard corner.

        I have not been to any of these as I am never in the mood for that type of food persay.

        Weck's - Main between Valley Pkwy and Surf/Summit Ave would also fit the bill. I have been for breakfast and it was overload for me. Portions were huge and they were tasty. They also have lunch specials.

        Ham N Egg's - Round Grove/Hebron and Bus 121. I am not sure if they are open for lunch but if you eat breakfast there you probably won't want lunch or dinner. The pancakes and biscuits (size of a small cake) are the largest that I know of.

        I forgot to mention Landmark Grill - 407 and McGee in far north Lewisville. The run coupons for their burger every month. Great flame broiled burger and fries. I have heard the steaks while not fancy are very good also. They have been in business about 4 or 5 years now

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Tierneys looks like what I'm look for specifically - plus, an added bonus - there's a notation that this is the same Tierney from (now defunct) Duck Inn, which was recommended for catfish a while back.

          Landmark Grill is now on my list for trying the steak. Thanks for the info!

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Well, damn. You mean you can go to Lewisville and sit at a bar and order a mixed drink. I thought Denton County was still dry. Goin' to helll in a handbasket, all of ye!

            1. re: singlemalt

              Best bars with a goodly amount of people are BJ's Brewery (a chain brewpub), Chaucer's (good happy hour deals) - both south of Vista Ridge Mall, The Flying Pig - Downtown (has a biker bar feel but still accommodating to the non-biker), and The Fox and Hound - 35 and Corporate (younger college age bar). BJ's and Fox and Hound both can double as a sports bar too with the typical food.

              Bar you are likely to see long time residents - Point After North (technically it is in Flower Mound) - Main and Garden Ridge, Canucks - Bus 121 and 35 and Tierney's - Downtown

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                What are you calling "downtown"? To me it is the old Main Street where I worked at the Rexall drug store before any of you were born.

                1. re: singlemalt

                  I remember when downtown Lewisville was a short brick wall and a dirt pile. We used to spit a lot. Ate racoons. I remember lots of old stuff.

                  1. re: DallasDude

                    I've always thought it was a dirt pile.

                  2. re: singlemalt

                    "downtown" is Main & Mill area, around City Hall, Lewisville Feed Mill and such.

              2. re: LewisvilleHounder

                Wow, lewisvillehounder. That was a great reply. People like you are the reason I come to this board. Good looking out.

                1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                  LewisvilleHounder, thank you for your help. Tierney's had a good catfish platter, no old oil taste, collard greens and fried okra tasted fresh, although everything could have used for seasoning for my taste. Atmosphere somewhat lacking though. I would go there again though.

                  Main Street Cafe I would take off of your list. Unfinished plywood on the floor, geezer hangout, hag of a waitress, dirty place.I had coffee, the usual bad truck stop variety, and a honey bun so no harm done. I did eat there but the general condition of the place was a turnoff

                  Tejupilco, you should note, is a real Mexican place, that is , it is populated primarily by real Mexicans. Got the Caldo de Rex, and a plate of beans with corn tortillas. Good enough food and fairly cheap. This place is in a area that looks like a lot of Mexicans might live around there. Would keep me real busy trying ll the taquireas and panderias.

                  Flying Pig, and loud and uninteresting bar that occupies what used to be the old "Andy" movie theater building. Frequented by lots of young people with lots of tatoos that in Austin would be primarily the "tecchie" crowd. Don't know what you call them in L"ville. I liked the place because I could kick back and smoke my cigar and have a 2.50 well Scotch. ( The next night a band was playing and the same Scotch was 4 bucks). Probably the most authentic and lively place in the city and the service was excellent. Staff was very friendly. Not for everyone though. Got a hamburger there that was at least edible.

                  Dat's Good BBQ out on W. Main. Decent enough 'Q with good sides of pinto beans and potato salad. Most impressive was the friendliness of the staff. Went there with an elderly aunt and the staff went out of there way of accomodate her. The owner makes tamales every Wed. but did not get a chance to sample.

                  Dat's Good BBQ out on Main. Decent enough BB
                  Avoid the Chinese buffet place on W. Main, should go without saying.

                  1. re: singlemalt

                    I had never been to the cafe list that I had posted and I noted that by saying I am never in the mood. Thanks though for weeding them out for me and saving me the trouble of Main Street Cafe.

                    Flying Pig can be hit or miss on the crowds.

                    I skip all sorts of Chinese buffets in town and make my way down to either Carrollton, Plano or Richardson. Think T&S Seafood (in Austin)type places.

                    Tejupilco is real Mex and there is a pretty decent Salvadoran place around the corner from it in the Terry's shopping center. I almost primarily eat at the authentic Mexican places anymore, the flavors and selection is better.

                    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                      Along the same lines of Tejupilco is Martinez Grill on Mill St btwn Bus 121 and High School Dr. The owner is from the San Luis Potosi so expect the typical northen Mexican dishes (fajitas, carne asada, etc). From the look of the lunch crowd his burger seems to be a draw in the area. I did not try it but I will give it a go next time. Martinez is the only place I have seen in Lewisville proper that has tacos dorados (fried tacos). If you need pictures to help make your decision Mr. Martinez has a picture of just about every dish.


              3. There's a BBQ place you may want to try, just north of Lewisville Lake on I-35E called Doc's Hickory Creek BBQ. It's not overwhelmingly awesome, but it is very good by Lewisvlle standards. Seems like either he or his parents are from South Carolina (hence the hog-shaped smoker).