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Jan 5, 2010 03:58 PM

wine shops/wine recommendations

ISO a wine shop where the recommendations are good in the Takoma Park, Silver Spring area. We're in a neighborhood with corner liquor stores, which will most likely not provide the source of information I'm looking for.

What would you serve with:
- oysters on the half shell (with a chorizo mignonette)?
- jerk goat ravoli with cheese and mango puree?
- stuffed pork chop with greens, sweet and spicy fruit sauce, and cheese quenelle?

I am not a wine person, so I really need help on this one.


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  1. go to macarthur's on macarthur blvd. not in the exact area you're looking, but worth it. They have a great selection and great help.

    Also, Cork Wine Market on 14th St appears to have a great selection and help - they always try to help me, but I'm not in the market for any more wine!

    1. I don't know where you will end up shopping, so I'll resist making specific recommendations, but I can at least take a shot at some categories.

      I believe the classic pairings for oysters will work just fine here. Champagne, for one. Sauvignon Blanc, for another. I would typically favor Sauvignon from the Loire Valley. The chorizo in the mignonette I think allows for maybe a little more sweetness and fruitiness, like a quality NZ Sauvignon or one from CA like Frogs Leap.

      Jerk Goat Ravioli-
      Wow. this is a tough one. spice, fat, fruit, and cheese.....I'm going to resist the urge to go with white wine and suggest a cru Beaujolais, but good one, like Marcel Lapierre's Morgon.

      Stuffed Pork Chop-
      here I think white wine is in order. Mild meat, bitter greens, sweet and spicy fruit sauce, then dairy fat. Quality Riesling from Germany at the auslese level of ripeness, Alsatian pinot gris, even a Vouvray.

      my 2 cents