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Jan 5, 2010 03:15 PM

best (east)Bay Area joint for a first date

So we've all got the usual dress and impress, wine, dine, sip and shine routine. What's yours? Where do you take that guy or gal to, or where have you been swept off to before?
And we're talking first dates, not your anniversary dinner. East Bay or otherwise.

(i.e. I have a first date tonight and have no idea where to take her, shit.)

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  1. You have to be more specific: how much do you want to spend? How fancy? How dark? How quiet?

    I would take a first date to Cha-Ya, but more normal people might go to Corso or A Cote or something like that. :)

    1. Good luck on your date! It's a first date, so you don't want to overdo the quiet/dark/romantic, right? I'm thinking Bocanova might be a good choice. The food has gotten good reports; it's new, so she might be impressed that you know about it; the setting in Jack London Square is nice and I believe it has a view; and it seems to have a glossiness that makes it date-worthy.

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      1. So where did you end up? And more important, is there going to be a second date? ;-)

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          Yes, it would be nice if you reported back for your own benefit. I see you have a few queries on the board but no feedback. If we get to know your tastes, then when you ask a question we can give you better answers.

          Anyway, for future first dates ... unless she turned out to be THE ONE ... the new EVE on University might be a good option.

          The lighting is low, but not too low. There are lots of little corner nooks. The menu is such that you could share dishes. The cooking in inventive so you have something to talk about. ... and since this is a small restaurant where the owners do the cooking, after one or two meals there they will get to know you ... always nice to have the staff welcome you back and make you seem like and insider. I was easily impressed by that in my dating days.

        2. For a first (or maybe second) date, I would go to Le Bateau Ivre in Berkeley.

          1. I've done more than one first date at pizzaiolo. Good people watching if it is not a good date.

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              If someone took me to Pizzaiolo on a first date I think I'd propose.