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ISO Real Doughnut Shop Ulster/Dutchess/Orange/Rockland Counties: NOT DUNKIN'

georgeb Jan 5, 2010 02:28 PM

As the title says, I'm looking for a real doughnut shop that is not part of a chain.

In California, these little sole proprietor shops are everywhere. The doughnuts are fresh, interesting, and better than the big chain, which has lowered the standard in the northeast to such an extent that there seem to be no good ones around.

Krispy Kreme was interesting, but still too homogeneous for my tastes.

So, if you have a favorite, post it here!

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  1. goodhealthgourmet RE: georgeb Jan 5, 2010 02:47 PM

    yeah, dedicated independent doughnut shops aren't really big in the tristate area.

    but some of the local "pick your own" farms & stands make their own with seasonal products (e.g. apple cider)...and i've heard great general reviews about Rockland Bakery in Nanuet, though nothing specific about their doughnuts.

    1. rifkind81 RE: georgeb Jan 6, 2010 02:20 AM

      This may sound strange...but go to Shop-Rite. Their bakeries make donuts fresh daily and if you get there early they have quite a variety. Obviously quality varies by store but the West Nyack store has an excellent bakery.

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        hudsonvalleygoodstuff RE: rifkind81 Aug 12, 2011 08:15 PM

        Have you tried Deising's Bakery in Kingston? I believe they make homemade donuts. It's a really old-fashioned bakery. During the Fall season, Adam's Fairacre Farms in Lake Katrine & Poughkeepsie sell cider donuts. I'm pretty sure those are made there. They are quite yummy!

      2. b
        barbgail61 RE: georgeb Aug 13, 2011 07:23 AM

        Goodhealthgourmet is right, some of the best donuts in the tri-state area can be found at farms. Jone's Farm, on Angola Rd in Cornwall, makes delicous donuts, but I believe they only make plain, powdered sugar, and cinnamon. The Orchards, on Rte 45 in Pomona (Rockland Cty) makes terrific donuts. My favorite are the apple cider ones, but the chocolate covered and cinnamon are terrific too, as are their homemade pies. I'd give both of these farms a try.

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