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Jan 5, 2010 02:27 PM

pizzeria delfina lemon vinaigrette? [Moved from SF board]

anyone have any tips on reverse-engineering the lemon vinaigrette on the tricolore salad at pizzeria delfina? i crave that dressing! do you think it has any actual vinegar in it, or does the lemon provide all the acidity?

i'll be sure to report back on my results and post a recipe if i perfect it!

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  1. I am similarly obsessed - and they sell the dressing, which has a label of ingredients. I tried a batch, good, but not even close to how yummy theirs is...Here are the ingredients
    lemon juice, champagne vinegar, evoo, shallot, salt and pepper
    Its so good I'd buy it from them regularly, but alas. Not when they're 30 miles away! Let me know if you figure it out - I suggest buying a bottle next time your're there to taste test against. Good luck!