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Jan 5, 2010 02:13 PM

Bread flour

Anyone know where to buy bread flour in larger quantities - say 10kg bags. None of my local supermarkets (Asian, Loblaws, No Frills, Costco etc) sell it in large bags. There is a big difference in price in the other flours depending on bag size.

Does nobody bake their own bread these days? It's easy to get all-purpose, cake, whole wheat and atta flour in larger bags.

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  1. Give Grain Process Enterprises a call. They carry just about every type of flour in large quantities:

    Grain Process Enterprises
    115 Commander Blvd
    Scarborough ON, M1S 3M7

    Phone #: 416-291-3226

    1. Robin Hood Best for Bread is the best specified flour from the major producers. High in protein, non bleached. It must be available somewhere in large bags though I haven't seen it yet.
      Arva Flour Mills is alive and well in north London, Ont., although they dropped their website a year ago. If you are in the area they have a product list similar to King Arthur.

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        I've been looking for a source for unbleached bread flour in Toronto as well. As far as I know, Robin Hood best for bread is bleached. I am still looking....
        I've contacted Rogers Foods in BC and asked where they sell their unbleached bread flour and was told it's available in Highland Farms. I went to the store on Dufferin but they only sell small bags. I make 2~3 sourdough loaves a week so a small bag doesn't make sense for me... it would cost too much.

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          If you read the label on Robin Hood Best For Bread, you will see that there is no peroxide. The additives are vitamins, and the protein level is 13.3% when you do the math.

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            I read on the robinhood site that the bread flour does not come "unbleached". Other resources tell me there are more ways of bleaching flour than peroxides...and if the flour is bleached (with any method) it weakens the gluten. I'm not sure it would be as healthy either..but that's just my own opinion.
            I'm sure the bleached flour is fine for some, I am just on a quest for unbleached :)
            Thanks for the response!

            1. re: jackie999

              The label on Best For Bread white flour does not mention peroxide, potassium bromate or chlorine dioxide. If there is some secret bleaching ingredient on the Robin Hood site, I haven't found it, and they are obligated to print it.
              Canadian wheat, even All Purpose, is harder than U.S., so the glutens may survive whatever unstated method Robin Hood (Smuckers owned) uses.

              1. re: jayt90

                So we know for sure, and to put the question to bed, I called RH and asked them if their "Robin Hood Best for Bread Homestyle White Flour" is bleached. It is indeed bleached and the agent used is AZODICARBONAMIDE. The customer service rep was very helpful by the way.

      2. I bake breads all the time and have found a few decent sources for my flour.
        Simply Bulk (they have a location near Ossington on Bloor and a location in the Danforth) or Rube's in St. Lawrence Market.

        My loblaws (Dupont and Christis) also has 5kg bags for relatively cheap, but I actually prefer the bulk flours. I have even found that the no name unbleached all purpose actually does a pretty good job - it has a fairly high level of protein.

        1. Strictly Bulk (Bloor and Jane, Bloor and Ossington, Danforth) is your best convenient location. They stock all types of flours, and can orfer 10 Kg bags from Grain Process Enterprises.

          John Vince too,,,they supply Rubes and other stores.

          I get Red Fife (organic) for $31 for 10 kg, which is cheaper than Rube's at $2 a pound.
          Just a few months back I paid $21 for 10 Kg. organic, white unbleached flour. As I say, they are not in stock: you can pre-order by phone to Strictly Bulk.

          I pick up at the store, using a bundle buggy.

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          1. re: Dean Tudor

            Do you happen to know if Simply Bulk careers pH paper? I have been looking all over for this for the fine-tuning of fermentation time with no luck.