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Jan 5, 2010 01:19 PM

HELP! Need last minute birthday dinner suggestions!!

My fiance's birthday is coming up and we were planning on Kuma for 12 people on Friday night until we were told they can't seat parties more than 8. Now we're stuck trying to find something on a Friday night for a large party and I can't think of anywhere that might have room for all of us.
We are pretty open to types of cuisine but want to keep it south of 14th if we could and in the midprice range.

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  1. a few places to try: Bacaro, Loreley, Esperanto, Jane

    1. OpenTable paints a pretty grim picture, but if you click through to the restaurants with no availability and call a few of the places that don't allow online reservations for parties that large (as opposed to the ones with no reservations available within 2 hours of your desired time slot), you might get better luck.

      It's a bit above 14th Street, but I'd try Bar Stuzzichini for starters - fun, decent food, and a cavernous space that I'd think could accommodate relatively large parties.

      1. Totally forgot about Bacaro and Bar Stuzzichini sounds good too. Thanks for the suggestions!!

        1. I'd call The Smith, Alta, Boqueria Soho, Otto, Freemans, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Public, Tia Pol...

          1. If its young people looking for cheap fare and good drinks, downstairs at Los Feliz on the LES would be a fun time (right down block from Kuma).