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Jan 5, 2010 01:04 PM

La of things other than their tacos!

I realize the big draw here are the tacos but the menu is much more than just tacos. I've had the guac here and it was really good but good guac isn't the most difficult thing to make well so I am curious if people have reviews of the rest of the menu.

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  1. This is surprising that nobody has responded to the thread. I think it is safe to assume that the tacos are the only thing worth while at the restaurant?

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      Other than their grilled corn and churros with chocalate - which both are excellent - I can't think of anything else of note -

    2. One one thing comes to mind, Elote: Mexican grilled corn topped with cotija and a spicy aioli.

      As you note, the guacamole isn't bad, and is usually also topped with cotija. Oddly, however, the serving is often inverted: A monstrous amount of guacamole with only a handful of chips.

      The margaritas are good, particularly if you stick to simpler, more classic preparations.

      Overall, I'm not a huge La Verdad fan, but it occasionally hits high notes.

      1. I went a month or so ago to the Taqueria and was impressed enough to send a review to some friends regarding the Torta I got there, so here it is...

        ...Today though I decided to try one of their Tortas(sandwiches). It took a good 15mins for them to make my sandwich which I took as a good sign since I was the only one waiting for food. Even still upon seeing the sandwich come out I was pleasantly surprised(see pic below), it looked like something Anthony Bourdain would go crazy for. Looking back at their menu they describe their Torta as a grilled sandwich with oaxaca cheese, molasses-chipotles, avacado, mexican herbs, refried beans and mayo plus your choice of meat(or chile relleno). While it didn't quite compare flavor wise to the first Torta I had at Rick Bayless's restaurant in Chicago, it was still very good. If you love fried chicken you would love the sandwich at La Verdad, I may opt for the Chile Relleno next time since it was the toppings and roll that stood out to me. I would put it in the medium-low range in terms of spiciness.

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        1. re: Aphex

          Have your tried the Torta at Mike and Patty's? How does it compare? I assumed you got the chicken Torta, but was it at the restaurant or the Taqueria? I've had the tacos at the Taqueria on $1 Tuesdays and felt the quality was bad. Perhaps the restaurant is different?

          1. re: Torolover

            I have never had the Torta at Mike and Patty's, is it worth trying? I had the Chicken Torta from the Taqueria. I didn't think the quality of the dollar day tacos were bad but they didn't blow me away, I'd prefer more selection as I don't eat pork. My favorite taco so far there has been the Chile Relleno. However that has been inconsistent also, one time coming with a decent size pepper, the next time a much smaller one. My feeling is the Torta was of higher overall quality but with only one sample I don't have much to go on.

            1. re: Aphex

              The carnitas torta at Mike & Patty's is one of my favorite sandwiches in town.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                o.k. mc, i got the scoop for you when we went for our weekly fix on fri. Turns out we are both right about the tortillas.
                The thick ones are their regular ones, made by a woman employee who is about to go on maternity leave. So they sometimes have those in stock( and they are looking into training the other chefs to make them) but when they run out, they use non-made-in-house (and thinner) corn tortillas. On fri it was the thin ones, however, we had 8 tacos and none of the tortillas broke, but they ARE messy because of all the sauces.

                what a complicated world we live in!

                La Verdad
                1 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215

              2. re: Aphex

                Went to La Verdad today for lunch. Had the Chicken Torta and was very dissapointed. The chicken cutlet was very very thin and dry/overcooked. The bread was dry as well. I could see how it could be a great dish, but it tasted like they just reheated it.

                Fish tacos had way too much sauce and made the tortillas soggy. I couldn't even taste the fish. Again, I could see how this could be a great dish, but the inconsistency at this place is not worth it to me. I've been here 3 times now, and there is always something wrong with one of their dishes. I think Mike and Patty's Torta is much better and they are consistently fresh.

                La Verdad
                1 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215

                1. re: Torolover

                  I know just what you mean. I had both experiences you just had, when chef enrique was not there, last wed. but the food is usually great on our weekly visits. if he's not there, i've learned to ask pamela to talk to the chef and ask him to not cook the chicken much for the torta-, and to go easy on the sauces. the results are definitely worth it for us.

          2. Here is the non-taco part of my La Verdad rave review in 7/09.

            "And get this, talk about surprising- the most amazing dish of the whole night was-
            the FLAN!!!!!!! I am a real flan addict. I make many delicious kinds and I have eaten many chefs' delicious ones (as well as way too many that are rubbery/curdled from over- baking). But the flan at La Verdad; this silken, ethereal ,loosely held together timbale , makes all other flans look pitiably earthbound.Unlike any other flans I have had, it is curiously translucent in color, obviously the result of its own unique milk/egg makeup. And unlike dense rich flans, consuming this flan is like eating a bavarian or a sorbet, but with the operative adjectives being UNCTUOUS and sublime. It is so soft that it somewhat falls apart when transported , but that did not stop me getting takeout portions and devouring them shamelessly the next day!" It is made with a little cinnamon, and lemon, lime and orange zests; and a bit of coffee in the coating syrup.

            The bad thing about the flan is that they almost never have it; it runs out so quickly. Because we don't live nearby, and they are so often out of the flan, I follow their instructions and ,call in the morning, and they have it made by the time we go later in the day.

            P.S. 90% of the time I have had it, the flan is as I have described, but the last time, in 12/09, it had been badly overbaked/curdled( we got it as takeout so I didn't find out til the next day). Made by the same chef as always makes it. I guess even the best make occasional mistakes.

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            1. re: opinionatedchef

              As an update, the flan is back to wonderful; like no other- coffee and 3 citrus. The refried beans are some of the best we have had. and the fish tacos and the burgeoning tacos carne assada make us regular customers and very happy campers.

              if you go when pamela is behind the counter and enrique is cooking, you're bound to be happy campers too.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                The chile relleno torta is the best dish there, IMO.

            2. we were here yesterday for our weekly la verdad jones. this time ONE of us tried something new, recommended by lovely lively Pamela at the register. My Love had the Carne Asada Quesadilla. Wow! FINALLY a quesadilla as a meal, not those wimpy little thin things served by every other place under the sun. $11 of major filling goodness.Grilled marinated Beef with corn and mushrooms and cheese. ML was wicked happy to find a new fav. As usual, my grin was fixed in between bites of my tacos- fish, chile relleno, and carne asada, with refried beans with crema. Had the fun of talking to a pair of EMTs who were working that night's Red Sox game and whose fav. nearby take- out dinner spot is, of course,La Verdad. Also met two resident Mexican couples, Business School students, who depend on La Verdad for their weekly fix of home.

              btw, for those of you losing sleep wondering, the tortilla lady has just birthed a healthy baby boy, Joshua. And we got to watch the other tortilla lady making her toothsome discs and finishing them on the nearby griddle. She claims the amazing speed of 200 per hour! now those are some lightning hands!

              With regards to some of their chefs' tendencies to put too much sauce on the tacos, we just asked for them to not go too heavy, and they were fine.

              happy campers is we.

              ****** PARKING WARNING!!!!we found out that on game nights, all cars on the street must be moved by 4 hours before the game. You surely don't want a $175 automatic Ticket and Tow.

              La Verdad
              1 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215