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Received a new Cuisinart. What should I make off my beaten track?

My old Cuisinart finally gave up the ghost after many years of great service. May it RIP.

So, my SO picked up a new one and gave it to me.

What should I make with it to thank him for this gift?

Not looking for anything complicated, but maybe something I wouldn't use it for ordinarily like pastry.

Any ideas for me?

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  1. I got one this Christmas as well. So far I've made hummus and empanada dough. And now I don't know what else to make either!

    1. I know you're a baker extraordinaire, so you're probably way ahead of the curve on this, but have you tried Jane Smiley's French bread recipe off of Epicurious. You know me, I keep MEANING TO try it, but have never gotten around to it.


      1. Shred raw beets. No mess at all. It was like a revelation the first time I used the food processor to shred a pile of beets!

        1. Since you mentioned pastry, how about pie or tart dough?

          Or homemade peanut butter (you can control the amount of salt and tart it up with other ingredients like honey).

          1. Ok, I realized I need to make an appetizer for a party tomorrow, so I used the new cuisinart to mix dough for rosemary parmesan coins -- kind of a buttery cracker that is really good.

            Here's the recipe: http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/ro...

            My SO hasn't had those yet and has heard me rave about them, so that will be good.

            I'm still open to any more inspirations.

            1. It isn't very seasonal, but I find that the cuisinart is far better than a blender for making pestos, as long as you're dealing in quantity (I usually triple a pesto recipe and freeze lots). Otherwise, I'm mostly a dough and slaw/chopping user.

              1. Cilantro /pistachio pesto. Great w/ chicken or fish.

                1. I always have some of the below in the fridge... it takes minutes to make in the Cuisinart, tastes incredible, particularly if you let is sit a day or two in the fridge first, and makes a wonderful appetizer, or even a light lunch, on bread, with a salad. I use my Cuisinart a lot, but would own one for this alone.

                  I've had friends who swear they hate goat cheese go nuts over this. People just expect it when they come over.

                  GOAT CHEESE SPREAD

                  3 cloves garlic
                  Fresh Rosemary (about 1 or two springs)
                  1 11-14oz log of quality unflavored goat cheese
                  Juice of 1/2 lemon
                  Olive oil
                  Fresh black pepper

                  - In the food processor, chop the cloves of garlic and the fronds
                  off the rosemary springs.
                  - Then add the goat cheese, in big crumbles, the lemon juice,
                  and the black pepper. Add a couple of glugs of olive oil. Start
                  the processor, and add olive oil as needed. You want it creamy
                  but not too soft and smooth, not runny. Add more pepper to
                  taste if you like.
                  - I put it in small ramekins, this will usualyl fill 3-4 4 oz ramekins.
                  Cover them with foil and put in the fridge. You can serve them
                  right away but they get even better over time. If you are going
                  to use one, just take it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before
                  hand, to let it soften just a touch.
                  - Serve with crackers or toasted baguette.

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                    This is your recipe inspired by Trattoria, right? !


                  2. I have found that my FP makes my work much faster when I make things that are grated. I use if frequently for grating cheese for mac&cheese and carrots for carrot cake. I find it makes quick work chopping the sausage stuffing for my mushrooms and the saltcod for my codfish fritters.

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                      Since I was only cooking for 2, I hand grated a zucchini but it would have been much faster if I had used my Cusinart and when I make this recipe for more than 2 I will definitely use the Cusinart. Thai Curried Zucchini Fritters. They are more of a thick pancake that is pan fried. Google the name for the recipe link to Closet Cooking.

                      If it were summer, I'd be making some kind of slaw.

                    2. Not even close to pastry, but this curried chicken liver pate is one of my favorite things to use my cuisinart for: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... - it makes a huge amount, so maybe cut in half. It does freeze well. Very easy to make, and I've had non-pate fans rave about it. Really tasty.