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Jan 5, 2010 12:26 PM

Meat markets Oxnard/Ventura

I am soon going to be moving to Oak View/Ojai and will be working in Oxnard. Coming from the Pacific Northwest I am concerned about the potential lack of locally grown organic/pesticide free food and humane, free-range, local meats. This concern may be unfounded but my cursory glance and conversations with family who live there have provided me with no information. The veggies/fruit I am guessing shouldn't be a problem if one knows where to go (farmer's markets, healthy grocery stores), but the meat issue...

Does anyone know where I can buy meat that is locally and humanely raised? It can be anywhere between Oxnard and Ojai. I appreciate any thoughts or recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. Welcome to California!

    I would check out the Sunday Ojai farmers market. On their website, they mention grass fed beef from Watkins Farm is coming soon.

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    1. Watkins has been selling at the Ojai Farmers Market for a couple of months. Also, many of the better grocers in the area, particularly Rainbow Bridge in Ojai, carry Niman Ranch meats.

      1. Another option is the Carpinteria FarmerÅ› Market. I am a local rancher located between Buellton and Lompoc. You can find me at to get information on prices and cuts. I bring a limited selection of cuts to the Carp market so if there is something specific you want, please call me in advance at 570 9000 and let me know. The farmerÅ› market is Thursday from 3-6.

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          Thank you so much for the info! I wish I could make it to the Carpinteria market some time but I work at that time. I will keep your website handy, though, just in case. Thanks again!

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            The carpinteria market changes it's hours from 4-7 in the spring and summer. However, just start googling and you will find many places in SB to buy. I don't recommend Rainbow Bridge in Ojai (I live in Ojai) because they are outrageously expensive and it does not equate with the "you get what you pay for" philosophy. Oxnard is getting a whole foods shortly and that will open up more organic buying possibilities.

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              lillemama29, is Oxnard really getting a Whole Foods? I've heard that it's been indefinitely suspended, for what reason I don't know. I'd love it if a Whole Foods came here. I've never been a big fan but given the dearth otherwise, I'd happily shop there.
              I avoid Rainbow Bridge at this point. So expensive, just like you say, and the meat choices are terrible. Lassen's is a little better, but usually I just wait until I go into the Valley and stop at Henry's or WF.
              I'm surprised by the lack of meat suppliers at the farmer's market. In Portland there are a ton of options for all different kinds of meat at the various farmer's markets and while they are generally expensive, they are very good.

        2. There's not a ton of options around here, to be honest. Watkins is decent, but they only offer a few cuts of frozen beef. There's also a local buffalo ranch that shows up at the Ojai FM sometimes.

          Lassen's market in Ventura is the only market in the area I know of that might fit your bill, and their selection is limited and usually frozen, too. Beyond that there's Bristol Farms up in Westlake.

          The drive from Ojai to Carpinteria/Santa Barbara is beautiful and fun, though, so you should check out some of the better selection you can get up that direction.