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Jan 5, 2010 11:57 AM

ISO Meyer Lemons

Has anyone seen Meyer Lemons for sale in any Boston grocery stores recently? I am craving all things citrus and would like experiment with baking with meyer lemons this week.. Thanks!

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  1. I have seen them at Russo's in the past. You might want to give them a call.

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    1. re: skippy66

      Barmy and I bought two Meyer lemons at Russo's just this past Saturday - they had plenty.

    2. my experience (in other states) is that whole foods has them when they're in season.

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      1. re: appycamper

        I'd say its the same here in MA, or at least at my Hingham WF. I saw them when I was there last week.

      2. I bought a 4lb pack of Meyer's at Costco, and that's probably too many lemons for most people but it's the best deal you will find pricewise. Of course, you need to be a member - but if you are not, ask a friend.

        And yes, Russo's usually has them too at a similar reasonable price point..

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        1. re: Ora Moose

          Too many Meyer lemons? Oh, to be so afflicted more often ;)

          Seriously, though, they make wonderful preserved lemons, if you find you need to use them up.