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Jan 5, 2010 11:56 AM

deciding between Michael's Genuine, Michy's or Sra Martinez?

I will be visiting in Miami near Collins just south of 69th. Taking a taxi is not an issue. The above are the three dinner options that I am considering for a Saturday night. I am torn between the three. Most likely, I will have an opportunity to visit the Design District during the day at some point. Aside from the food, any insights as to which place may be more amenable to a solo dinner? Sometimes, I prefer to sit at the bar if the table atmosphere seems too intense.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I haven't eaten at Sra. Martinez but I've dined and Michy's and Michaels......Michy's and Michael's are both very, very good....with inventive menus....and alot of interesting and tasty things to eat......Gun to my head I'm going with Michael's over Michy's.....their menu is ever evolving and it's in an interesting area that's really starting to buzz......Can't go wrong with any of the three I'm sure.....


    1. The bar at Michael's is always busy and lively and plenty of folks take their dinner there. Sra. M also has a bar type setup downstairs (it actually used to be the sushi bar of a former Japanese restaurant) that's a fine place to sit. The actual bar is upstairs but the downstairs area is more conducive to dining. Michy's also has bar seating, but though I've happily eaten there, it tends to be more of a perch for people waiting for tables. if I had to choose among the three for the place I'd be happiest for a solo meal, it would come in third.

      None of these places are particularly hushed and stuffy so that you'd feel uncomfortable taking a table as a solo, though I often prefer eating at the bar anyway even when I have company.

      1. I have eaten at Michy's and Sra Martinez, not yet at Michael's. Both were EXCELLENT with inventive menu choices. For consideration, Sra Martinez serves mostly small plates tapas-style, most of it is reasonably priced and you could try several things in the course of your sitting, which might be fun if dining alone. Michy's serves beer and wine only, no hard stuff, and if you intend to buy a bottle of wine rather than a glass or two you might prefer Michy's wine list to Sra Martinez'. I think Sra Martinez has two bar seating options, upstairs quieter and downstairs livelier, while Michy's has one bar that seats maybe 10 people.

        1. If you're going to be in the Design District during the day I'd recommend going to Sra. Martinez for lunch and Michael's for dinner. The small plates and even the prix fixe at lunch are perfect, and if it warms up you can sit outside. At Michael's we always end up having lively conversations with other diners when we eat at the bar there ( and the bartenders are great too ).
          I like the food at Michy's but I've never warmed up to the room ( terrible lighting first on the list ) and not being able to order a proper cocktail at the bar; also that the bar faces away from the room so it lacks energy. Would be my last choice of the three. The counter at Redlight would be more fun IMHO.

          1. You cant beat sitting at the bar at Michael's Genuine. I sit there frequently and prefer to sit there, honestly. I like the buzz at the bar, the small talk with other patrons and the barstaff, and whenever you need something you dont really have to wait (not that the waitstaff is slow or inattentive, just that the bartenders are right there in front of you 100% of the time). The bar at Sra Martinez is not good for dining because its too small and gets crammed on a busy night. The drinks there are good though. The drinks at Michael's are also fantastic and they have the best liquor selection in Miami, in my opinion. Foodwise, Michael's is my favorite though I did have a few great meals at Michy's and some up and down experiences at Sra Martinez (which I hear has really been pumping out great food lately so Im inclined to head back). I'd suggest Michael's (surprise, surprise) because its the best restaurant overall in Miami and has a great bar scene for dining. If you were going to be in the MiMo area where Michy's is, I would suggest taking the advice of another poster here and checking out the bar at Red Light too. Enjoy Miami!

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              The upstairs bar at Sra. M is small and cramped but the downstairs "bar" - which is not actually a bar but more of an open kitchen area (again, it was originally a sushi bar) - has plenty of room to eat.