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Jan 5, 2010 11:54 AM

Dublin: Need recs for 3 dinners & 3 lunches

My 22 yr-old son and I will be in Dublin in early March for 3 days and 3 nights. Neither of us has visited Dublin before. I would welcome your recommendations for places for lunch and dinner,
as well as your favorite pubs. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Anything more specific, particularly price range? Good restaurants are expensive in Dublin, so it is important to know what your limits are. Have you done a search for Dublin on this board? It would help you get started and come up with some more meaningful questions.

    1. Cheap Eats:
      Gruel, Dame Street - Good Home Cooking, Modest Surroundings
      Dunne & Crescenzi, South Frederick St - Italian anti pasti, panini, pasta etc
      Yamamori Noodles, Georges St-Decent sushi and good noodle dishes
      The Exchequer Gastro Pub, Excehquer St - All the usual gastropub staples

      Mid Level Lunch/Dinner
      Pichet, Trinity Street - Contemporary bistro - very popular
      Winding Stair, Ormonde Quay-Modern Irish Cooking, great wine list
      La Maison, Castlemarket St - Classic French bistro cooking in bright, modern room
      L'Gueleuton, Fade St - French style brasserie with an Irish twist
      Pig's Ear, Nassau St- Good quality Irish cooking with nice views of Trinity College

      High End - Relative Good Value Lunch/Expensive Dinner

      Thorntons, St. Stephens Green - my personal favourite in Dublin. Great lunch deal at the moment for stellar cooking. 1 Michelin Star but tipped to win back second.
      Chapter One, Parnell Square - Very popular, high end Irish cooking and service. 1 Michelin Star.
      Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Merrion Hotel. Currently Ireland's only 2 Michelin Star. Sublime service, very good food, very expensive.
      One Pico, Schoolhouse Lane. So far overlooked by Michelin but excellent lunch deal for the standard of food and service.
      Pearl Brasserie, Merrion St. Stunning room with great service and excellent quality cooking.

      I hope this helps. Enjoy your trip and please let us know how you get on.

      1. Well patricko has given you a great rundown of the good places in town and i agree with them all!
        So here are a few good pubs: Davy Byrnes, The Stags Head and The Long Hall for the traditional and for modern try The Market bar, Hogans and the No Name near it(look out for doormen at an unmarked doorway) for a trendy, 'of the moment' place.

        1. Wow - great suggestions. Thank you all very much - I will be sure to report back with where we went and what our experience was.

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            Thanks for your great suggestions! My son and I just returned from 3 great days and
            nights in Dublin. We had very good lunches at The Pig's Ear and The Winding Stair -
            both very charming, interesting menus, well worth a stop. Dinners were at Bentley's
            Oyster Bar and Grill (great oysters, but a pretty formal space) and Les Freres Jacques
            on Dame St. (more great oysters!)-- We were very pleased with all of our meals.
            We also enjoyed some of the many pubs, including The Stag's Head, Porterhouse and
            Whelan's - Dublin is a great city!
            Thank you for all of your suggestions-

            1. re: jmk38

              Glad you liked the Pig's Ear. We enjoyed our lunch there too. Thanks for the report.

              1. re: jmk38

                Dear JMK, we are trying to decide between The Pig's Ear and The Winding Stair for a pre-Abbey Theatre meal in November. Did you have a preference?

                Also we are staying at The Merrion and are having dinner one night at Patrick Guilbaud. We have one other night free; as well as one lunch. We will be tired when we arrive in Dublin and were thinking of eating at The Cellar in the Merrion. Is anyone familiar with it? Thoughts? Thank you to everyone for your help.

                1. re: susimon

                  I cannot recall where the Abbey Theatre is so don't know location relative to these 2 restaurants. Winding Stair is south of the Liffey, whereas Pig's Ear is north of Liffey,
                  just adjacent to Trinity College. Both are good - Winding Stair a little more special.
                  While I did not eat at The Cellar, I stopped in there - it looked promising and I would try it on a next visit.

                  1. re: susimon

                    The Winding Stair is closer to the Abbey theatre ( approx 15 min walk) both are located on the North side of the river.
                    The Cellar is a decent without being spectacular. For more interesting fare in the same price range locally try Pearl Brasserie for lunch ( it's right next door to your hotel) and Dax or Pichet for dinner. Check out their websites and see which appeals. Dax do an early evening tapas menu which is very good quality and value.

              2. Definitely recommend Avoca on Suffolk street, just at the end of Grafton street. Not cheap (nothing is in Dublin) but good wholesome food, gets very busy for lunch, gourmet deli in the basement as well.
                Also, Manifesto, a great Italian restaurant in Rathmines, 10 mins out of town by bus (15/15b/128... all outside trinity). Amazing pizza, fresh tossed dough in a stone oven and pizza tossing show towards the end of the night.
                Jo'burger, also in Rathmines is really cool, huge, but delicate burgers. Very hip place, DJ, graffiti and menus come in old comic books.
                And Salamanca is a good tapas place with good food.
                (Don't recommend the Shelbourne for a fancy dinner, food isn't terribley special, just pricey and comes with attitude)

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                1. re: McNalljj

                  Thank you for all of your suggestions. I have been out of pocket so just got them, but they all sound great. I appreciate your help and will report back when we come home.

                  1. re: susimon

                    We were just in Dubin for 2 days last week, had a wonderful lunch at the Pig's Ear, great fixed-price menu, and a fabulous dinner (our second time there) at Pearl Brasserie.