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Jan 5, 2010 11:48 AM

Talula's Table Alternative?

Hi PA Chowhounders-
Wondering if anyone has any ideas for alternatives to Talula's Table. My brother's 25th birthday is at the end of February and something like TT would be right up his alley for a special birthday dinner. He lives in the Fairmount neighborhood downtown but would be willing to travel a bit for the occassion!

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  1. If you're looking for another place in southern Chester County, you might want to consider the chef's table at Northbrook Marketplace. Like TT, it's BYO, there is one communal table and dinner is prix fixe. The food isn't up to the caliber of TT, but it's quite good. Also, unlike TT, you're not required to fill the entire table at Northbrook. The flip side of that is that you're likely to be sharing a table with strangers. I think it's a really nice, unique spot for a birthday celebration, and you don't need to reserve a year in advance.

    I just looked at their website and I'm a little puzzled as to why they haven't posted a new menu since November. Oh well...

    1. Closer to Fairmount is Birchrunville, who also have a tasting menu. I'm a big fan of both, although I get to TT once every two years (so tough to book) and to Birchrunville, for a more reasonably sized meal about monthly. Then, there's Majolica in Phoenixville (not Birchrunville or TT, but seriousy respectable food) that does a tasting menu the first Tues of every month.

      1. Closer to Talula's in what respect? The (tiny) size or the tasting menu or the location in Chester County?

        1. It all depends on what you're looking for. We love teresa's Next Door for their beer selection and they always have amazing specials, usually things that you won't see anywhere else, and we eat at Marly's in Phoenixville several times a month, it's a great BYO on Bridge St.
          I know Teresa's doesn't have a private area if you're doing something bigger, and they don't take reservations, but Marly's does, although I'm not sure what the specifications are for reserving their private room.

          1. I'm like other folks - not sure how it should be 'like' TT.
            The one thing that struck me is that Marakesh, like TT, is an alternative from most typical restaurants -the idea is that you're having a meal like in a Moroccan home. One menu, you sit on cushions in the floor. Oh, and it's much closer to Fairmout.
            I imagine that TT is much better (if not, people are getting seriously ripped off there!), but Marakesh is an intersting experience.