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Jan 5, 2010 11:43 AM

Solo Foodie, staying at Disney's Contemporary Resort

Heading to a conference in two weeks at the Disney Contemporary. Looking for a restaurant with some good eats and hopefully a good bar and wine list. Will most probably be solo. No budget, willing to pay for good food and good wine.

Any possibility of getting a good meal within the area without a bunch of screaming kids?

I might head over to ESPN for a burger and a few cocktails if there is nothing else. I will have two nights of dinners and I have not seen anything on-line or reviewing past chowhound or yelp.

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  1. I spent a week in the area last winter for a meeting. All food within the Parks is so middle of the road in order to appeal to the Front Porch Family. Definitely stay away from the Crab House on a fake paddle steamer. Really bad. Blue Zoo is OK but not drop dead gotta go back. I'm from NYC and LA so my bar is set pretty high though. Good Luck

    1. duck,

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      1. Actually, the Contemporary Resort has one of the best restaurants on a Disney property, namely the California Grill. Really terrific food, including excellent creative sushi. It also has expansive views.

        Within the parks, there are some quite good restaurants in Epcot Center, in particular the "Bistro de Paris" (the more formal, second floor restaurant in the Epcot France pavillion). (Yes, the "Bistro de Paris" is more formal than "Les Chefs de France", the downstairs restaurant, which serves bistro food). If he is there, ask for Lidiot, the head waiter.

        Victoria & Alberts in the Grand Floridian resort is a super-luxe restaurant that was very good when I was there many years ago. More recently, we had tea in the Grand Floridian, which was a very elegant affair, if nothing special as far as afternoon tea goes.

        One additional suggestion is the Portabello Yacht Club in Downtown Disney, which makes the most etheral thin-crust pizza I've ever tasted. This is a serious Italian restaurant and a quite good value as well.

        1. Thanks for all the great ideas and recommendations. Will do at least one evening at Cali Grill and if I hit Epcot I will do French.


          1. Instead of ESPN, I'd head to Downtown Disney & hit the Raglan Road Pub. They have a really good selection of beers, spirits & wines, plus some really good apps if you just want to dine alone at the bar. (They usually have traditional Irish music starting at 9 pm.)