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Jan 5, 2010 11:40 AM

Food stop between Orlando - Ft Lauderdale

Travelling from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale via the I-95 and wondered if there are any great food places for lunch just off the highway around the half way point?


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  1. Traveled this streach several times and one of my favorites is Ralph and Rosies in Boyton Beach a block south of woolbright on us 1 . This place has some of the best thin crust pizza in florida. It's really a bar but there is lots of outdoor seating. Leave ft. lauderdale about 10am and you will hit them at lunch. If you need to leave earlier hit the road at 8am and you'll make it to dixie crossroads in titusville. This is a fried seafood lovers paradise and the signature dish of rock shrimp is broiled to perfection. You will need to take hwy 50 into orlando. Some natives consider this place a destination resturaunt.
    There isn't too much around the halfway point,,most of the cities between sebastian and midway are very rural.