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Jan 5, 2010 11:14 AM

Where to buy pork belly?

What would be the best & cheapest place to buy raw, un-cured pork belly to make my own bacon with?

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  1. Porcmeilleur at the Jean Talon Market offers great QPR (bang for the buck) but you have to order the belly a week or so in advance. Boucherie du Marché, also at the market, often has it on hand, as does Chez Vito in Mile End. Can't say whether any of these are the cheapest but they're among the best, and none of them is wildly expensive for the cut.

    Some of the Atwater Market butchers surely sell pork belly too, but I've never bought it there.

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      Very hard to get un-cured pork belly at the Atwater Market without pre-ordering; they do lots of pre-salé but not raw.

      The cheapest stuff would be from an Asian grocer, but you need to speak with them first about getting a whole one as they will have usually cut the belly in smaller pieces.

    2. I had good luck at Marché Oriental St-Denis, an asian grocer on the SW corner of Jean-Talon &St-Denis. There is some already precut pork belly pieces (around 1 pound), but they have whole slabs in the back if you ask (mine was around 7.5 kg including some ribs and the skin). Didnt have much luck elsewhere around JTM, but I am a little confused as to where I asked exactly since I was also looking for that elusive pink salt at the time. Quality was good, netted about 5.6kg of Bacon once pared and smoked. 5$ a kilo.

      1. Call Tony at Boucherie Westmount @ 514-481-1811 to pre order what I've found to be the best (not to fatty )pork belly around for smoked bacon.