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Jan 5, 2010 10:51 AM

ISO Veal Bones

Looking for veal bones to make stock.
Can anyone suggest a butcher who might have some?


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  1. Make calls to Cumbrae's, the Healthy Butcher, T&T, Pusateri's, McEwan, Loblaws, Metro, etc. Basically, call any place that has a butcher on-site and that sells veal. Even small butcher shops of any ethnicity that might sell veal, might also buy whole or partial animals intact, then butcher them in-house. Generally, these places sell bones at very reasonable prices.

    I once approached a small grocery store that had a meat counter and asked if the owner/butcher would sell me bones from chickens, turkeys and other animals that were left over once the cuts were prepared for individual sale. He told me he'd give me a great price if I were willing to buy in quantity. You may have better luck with small, independent stores.

    Edit: check out this earlier thread too:

    1. Nortown always has packages of veal bones in their freezer.

      1. I always get mine from SLM. The south building the first butcher south of the fruit/veg stalls on the east side of th building. Chichken bones as well!

        1. Try all the suggested places from other posters; if you're interested in organic products, try Whole Foods Market downtown. I've bought chicken parts (necks and backs) for making stock there so I'm sure they'll be able to put together something for veal stock, as well. I've also seen frozen veal bones labelled specifically for stock at some Loblaws so if you're looking for something in a supermarket, you could have a look.