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Jan 5, 2010 10:29 AM

Best Vermont Restaurant Dishes

Every year I choose ten favorites. This year's picks range from the coffee and chili-rubbed Bright Eyed Burger at The Mix Cafe in Jeffersonville to The Late Night Breakfast – a hot-fresh waffle topped with buttermilk-bacon ice cream and maple syrup – at Verde in Stratton. Here's the link for all my picks:

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  1. Whipped lardo at Bluebird in Burlington...wish I was eating it now. A Switchback might go nice.

    1. Egg and Cheese on an Everything Bagel - On the Rise, Richmond
      Poutine - Bluebird Tavern, Burlington
      Buddha's Sesame Beef - A Single Pebble, Burlington
      Blue Seal Steak Frites - Sonoma Station, Richmond
      Burger - Bobcat Cafe, Bristol
      Smoked Mozzarella appetizer - Trattoria Delia, Burlington
      Caesar salad - Sarduccis, Montpelier
      Dinner rolls - Wayside, Berlin
      Maple cream filled maple frosted doughnut, Price Chopper, Williston Rd, S. Burlington