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Kiddo Cereal Nostalgia

I was never a huge cereal wolfer as a li'l spark, but there were a few sickly sweet cereals from the 70s I loved.

Cap'n Crunch
Count Chocula
Honeycombs (even though each piece was bigger than my mouth and had the texture of an arrowhead)
Apple Jacks
Corn Pops

What were your favorites to pound down while watching Fat Albert, Scoobie Doo and the Hudson Brothers?

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  1. I wasn't allowed to have "sugar" cereal most of the time, but when I could it was alway Lucky Charms. Something about those styrofoam marshmallows and sugar glazed cereal kernels. I also remember a box of Rainbow Brite cereal my mom brought home from work (some sort of promotion). Tasted like fruit loops, and I knew I had dessert every night after dinner till the box was gone.

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      I wasn't allowed either, but sometimes we would have Alphabits. I only ate them dry, no milk. And bonus, you could spell naughty words.

      I never got into eating cereal otherwise and still gag at the thought of soggy bits of grain products floating about in cold milk. Blech.

    2. When my mom allowed me to pick out a cereal, it was always either Quisp or Quake. Haven't thought about them in some time! Quisp was my all-time favorite.

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        Do you remember when we all were invited to vote for our favorite, Quisp or Quake? Quisp won, Quake was no more.

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            A local farm market recently began carrying Quisp. And it is all I can do each time I'm there not to pick up a box!

      2. Cap'n Crunch, plain and peanut butter
        Sugar Corn Pops
        Sugar Smacks
        Lucky Charms
        Cocoa Puffs
        Cocoa Krispies
        Puffa Puffa Rice
        Kix counted as a sweet cereal- just put a ton of sugar on it.

        1. Being a good twenty years older than you, we had the really heavy sugared cereals in the 50s:

          Sugar Smacks-my absolute favorite
          Sugar Crisp-best in chocolate milk

          1. only ever dry... no milk...
            captain crunch
            corn pops
            raisin bran (crunch)
            apple jacks

            1. Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries

              King Vitamin

              Froot Loops

              Sugar Smacks

              Sugar Pops (Later known as Corn Pops, I think.)

              Our parents didn't buy junk cereal but we would run to the neighborhood store with our allowances and go crazy.

              1. My mother didn't believe in sugar loaded cereal so most of the time it was Rice Krispies, Kellog's Corn Flakes, Shredded Wheat, Cherrios or Puffed Rice. Every once in a while, she'd surprise us with a box of something good.

                My favorites: Captn Crunch, Sugar Pops, Lucky Charms, or one of those multi packs of cereal with like 5 different kinds in the little boxes that you could tear open and add milk to eat out of.

                Now, she buys all kinds of sugar loaded cereal for my niece and when I cornered her on it, she claims that "times change"!!

                1. Speaking of Lucky Charms, how many types of marshmallows does it contain now? Back in my day, I'm pretty sure it was just four.

                  1. Fruity Pebbles! I had to share with Grandpa since those were his favorite too.

                    1. Crispy Critters
                      Sugar Pops
                      Chocula and Frankenberry
                      Cap'n Crunch (plain only)
                      Cocoa Puffs

                      1. Cap'n Crunch
                        Apple Jacks
                        Fruit Loops
                        Sugar Smacks
                        Corn Pops

                        We never had any of them regularly - usually we had Rice Krispies, Cheerios, or Kix, but Mom would bring in the others on occasion (though she never bought Corn Pops - we had to get those from our dealer).

                        1. I wasn't relly a sugar sweet cereal eater as a child nor am I now, but recently I wanted just a little cereal as a snack. Mrbushwick brought me an individual pack of Cocoa Krispies and wow, what I've been missing all these years! So great with cold milk.
                          BTW, Sugar Smacks have been renamed Honey Smacks, in an effort by the manufacturer to give them the perception of a "healthier" cereal.

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                            In that same vein, aren't the "marshmallows" in Lucky Charms now made of tofu?

                            PS--Surprised nobody's mentioned Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, although personally, I never thought they were all that grrrrrrreat!

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                              Whoa, I had no idea about the tofu thing; are you sure that's not just an urban or internet legend? I mean, can you process tofu in such a manner as not to spoil in the box, stay moist or become moist and edible in milk? Hm-m.
                              My ex-room mate liked Frosted Flakes in warm milk at bedtime. He said they were grrrrrrrreat!

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                                Heh heh. I was being facetious. Although I wouldn't put it past the Pleasure Police!

                          2. Rice Crispies to which I would put on more sugar
                            Captain crunch with crunchberries
                            any of the Count Chocula, Boo Berry or Franken Berry
                            Raisin Bran, I now prefer Raisin Bran crunch, but back then there was no crunch variety, again I think I added more sugar
                            Fruit Loops
                            Fruity Pebbles
                            Kellog's Corn Flakes with me adding sugar to it

                            1. Heh - I have a baggie full of Corn Pops in the drawer to my right (I'm at work) tha tI munch on throughout the day. I buy a box every few weeks - one week it's Corn Pops, the one before that was Frosted Flakes, before that was Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, Golden Grahams...I love it when Cereal goes on sale!

                              Does anyone remember Kaboom Cereal with the scary clown?

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                                I remember Kaboom. And Freakies. "Oh, I wonder, I wonder, I wonder who grew the Freakies tree.."

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                                  OMG, Freakies! I used to love that stuff.

                                  Qwisp and Fruity Pebbles were great too. My guilty teenage pleasure was Pac-Man cereal. I don't know why, it just tasted really good to me.

                              2. While my younger brothers were all about the sugary cold cereal and Sat. morning cartoons (and they could polish off a full box btwn them in one sitting) I was making my bowl of hot MAYPO. Love it to this day and while the cold cereals of our youth are still fairly easy to find a box of real MAYPO is getting harder and harder to score. The only cold cereal I ever enjoyed was original rice krispies for that snap, crackle & pop.

                                1. There was the great cereal that was essentially fat Cherrios coated in powdered sugar. it was called Donutz. It was the best.

                                  1. Smurfberry Crunch...yep I said it, lol.

                                    1. Definitely Cap'n Crunch. I was only ever allowed it on my birthday, and I have great memories of digging into biiig bowls, the first couple of bites still so hard that they cut the inside of my mouth, the last couple so soft that they were just yellow sludge... mmm.

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                                        Perhaps they should rename it Daggers n' Sludge.

                                      2. Apple Jacks
                                        Cinnamon Life
                                        King Vitamin
                                        Captain Crunch, but the one with just Crunch Berries. I used to leave em for last in the bowl and was sooo happy when I had a bowl of just those little puffs of fruity joy. Haven't found it for years though :(