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Langer's: The Next Step

OK, I'm going to do it. I'm going to have something other than pastrami at Langer's. What?

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  1. I love the matzoh ball soup. My mother loved the chopped chicken liver.

      1. re: jkao1817

        CBH + fries well done

        (and a #19 on the side)

        1. re: ns1

          "(and a #19 on the side)"...brilliant!!!

          I've heard the tongue sandwich is good but I've never tried it. Actually, I've had every intention of trying it at each visit but I always end up overriding my intentions and getting a pastrami sandwich. It's a sad addiction, I know.

          1. re: mrshankly

            That pretty much explains every trip to langers for me. I have never gone there without eating at least half of a pastrami sandwich

            1. re: ns1

              The well done fries is also essential! I thought I was the only one who asked for them cooked that way but I'm glad to see I'm not alone in appreciating the well done crinkle cut fries:)

              This talk of pastrami and fries is making me really hungry now. lol

              1. re: mrshankly

                their well done fries are PERFECTION

                top 5 status

            2. re: mrshankly

              My mama is an east-coast- jewish-deli-tongue sandwich fanatic, and she enjoyed the one she had at Langer's, a while ago. I love the chopped liver, as well.

        2. Why would you do that? Well, if you must, I would suggest the chopped liver on rye with an egg cream.

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          1. re: sku

            Have you tried the #19? Pastrami, cole slaw, and cheese. You should also try the brisket. It's not consistent but when it's on, it's really good.

            Langer's Delicatessen
            704 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

          2. I like their pastrami and eggs scramble for breakfast sometimes. I once ordered a sandwich of hard salami with cream cheese and sliced red onion on rye - which was really good. Mostly, though, I stick with the plain pastrami on rye. I do like their fries well done, though.

            1. Their chopped liver is really good. It's one of the few items worth augmenting the pastrami sandwich with.

              Avoid the matzo ball soup.... thin, limp and depressing.

              Mr Taster

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              1. re: Mr Taster

                Their chopped liver does not stand up against the pastrami. That happens to be one my all time favorite sandwiches, but Langer's chopped liver just does not cut it for me.

              2. I see that corned beef hash is recommended...does it follow that the corned beef sandwiches are good, too? I've always preferred corned beef to pastrami.

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                1. re: Papuli

                  My step Mom loves it. She is not a pastrami gal but quite a demanding deli eater.

                  1. re: Papuli

                    Delicious corned beef sandwich. I also generally prefer corned beef to pastrami, although at Langer's it's a tossup.

                    1. re: Papuli

                      My girlfriend is a New Yorker who prefers corned beef to pastrami and she totally loves the corned beef reuben at Langer's. Although - she is horrified at the prospect of what they call "nippy cheese" on the menu, and always makes them substitute swiss cheese for it.

                    2. Question, if one does curbside pickup at Langers, how long before the pastrami sandwich is no longer optimal tasting?

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                      1. re: OC Mutt

                        If you get non-pastrami ingredients with it -- bread, dressings, cole slaw, ... -- you'll probably see exponential decay, but someone else will have to provide hard data. As I noted in a separate thread recently, when I go curbside, I merely pick up a pound of pastrami, park, and eat it with my fingers, accompanied by ice-cold Dublin Dr. Pepper and, perhaps, some french fries. (Hey, I'm from California but have spent much of my life in Texas.) In that other thread, I also admitted that the next morning I usually finish the remains of the pastrami for breakfast. Cold. (A tradition begun when I began nibbling once as I was looking for cooking utensils and never got to the steaming part.) Even then, it's near-optimal!

                        But tell me, Mutt, what do you like other than their luscious, smoke-tinged, hauntingly spiced pastrami??

                        1. re: Harry Nile

                          I have never tried it - gasp! Tried all of the best in NYC, but the location and hours are such that I just haven't made it there. I work in Torrance, and it would be about 30 minutes there and 30 back to the office during a weekday, and was wondering if I did that and brought it back with me for myself and a couple of co-workers, would it be worth it food-wise or should I just go on a Saturday, which would take up a good portion of the day, and sit and eat inside the restaurant for optimal food.

                            1. re: OC Mutt

                              Mutt, the solution is staring you in the face: When a job interferes with finding good food, you quit. Are you a 'hound or not?! ;-)

                              Your first time, I suggest going on a Saturday and eating in-house under optimal conditions. Search the board for recommendations on which form of pastrami to have (e.g.: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/648030 ). You might also take some home with you to test the idea of making a quick round-trip during the week. But, instead of an extra sandwich, I'd get pastrami and a loaf of rye bread, which should survive the trip better. For a very 'houndy experience, on the following Tuesday have some Big Mista brisket at the Torrance Farmers Market and notice the similarities and differences between these two great ways of preparing that mundane cut of beef.

                              However you do it, please report back.

                              1. re: Harry Nile

                                always wanted to try Big Mista, so thanks for the reminder.

                                1. re: Harry Nile

                                  I took your suggestion to OCMutt & we ventured there on Saturday. Mr OCAnn and I split the #19 (Rachel), a plain hot pastrami w/mustard on rye and a fries well-done. My preference is for the plain hot pastrami over #19, but plan to try the pastrami dip on a future visit. Mr OCAnn gives a slight edge to The Hat's pastrami over Langers; though I prefer Langer's less salty and more moist pastrami. Makes me wish that we lived closer to downtown LA!

                                  1. re: OCAnn

                                    "Mr OCAnn gives a slight edge to The Hat's pastrami over Langers"...

                                    Words fail me, my lords... it's okay; I once had a sister-in-law that thought mayonnaise was just a lame knockoff of Miracle Whip. De gustibus etcetera.

                                    1. re: Will Owen

                                      I know...don't let your chin fall to the floor, but he Yelps too.

                                    2. re: OCAnn

                                      "Mr OCAnn gives a slight edge to The Hat's pastrami over Langers"

                                      I've heard of lesser grounds for divorce! ;>)

                                      1. re: OCAnn

                                        "... gives a slight edge to The Hat's pastrami over Langers ...."

                                        Ann, please, ... children read this Web site!

                                    3. re: OC Mutt

                                      Oh, yeah. It's worth it. We live a half-hour (with good traffic) away, too. We used to go there more often and eat in, but now we get the rye bread, pastrami, pickles, coleslaw - whatever - as separate items and have wonderful sandwiches at home. I think it's hands down the best deli in So Cal.

                                      Langer's Delicatessen
                                      704 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

                                      1. re: Poot728

                                        Actually, Poot, that's the issue: is Langer's "the best deli in So Cal," or is it the deli that sells the best pastrami in Southern California (or even, possibly, the Nation)?

                                2. Haven't made it to Langer's yet - just moved out from NYC and am looking forward to trying it. I've heard great things about their rye bread - does anyone know if they also offer seedless?

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                                  1. re: jrw8127

                                    I do not recall the rye bread's being seeded at all, though I could easily be mistaken. The combination of crunchy crust and aromatic, almost sweet crumb are just playing doo-wop to the rich and juicy beefiness inside, so it's kinda hard to notice.

                                    1. re: Will Owen

                                      no seeds i don't think. i don't like the seeds and would have noticed if it was on there.

                                    2. re: jrw8127

                                      Google image seems to show seeds in the rye (no catcher's however... ;-D> )


                                      1. re: Servorg

                                        Clever, Servorg, but didn't you mean to use the ";-JD>)" emoticon? (Actually, that works, doesn't it? ;-)

                                        Unlike most Langer's fans, I'm not big on their rye and probably haven't had any in six months or more. Even when ordering a sandwich, instead of by the pound, I eat the pastrami with a fork and just take a few nibbles of bread. If not for your picture, I would have remembered a seedless rye. In any case, it isn't as seedy as at, say, Junior's. Or am I thinking of Brent's?

                                        1. re: Harry Nile

                                          Junior's is (has been) always seeded, but then again I've never thought to see if they have unseeded so I can't say if that's the case or not? I haven't been to Brent's in some time so the seeded or unseeded state of their Rye is a mystery in my mind.

                                          This photo of Brents black pastrami Ruben does show rye with seeds (fewer though they may be) http://www.foodgps.com/wp-content/upl... and I have to say this photo has made my salivary glands do back flips this morning. Gotta get out here and have one of these soon if this photo does justice to the sandwich.

                                          1. re: Servorg

                                            It must be Junior's, because I remembered a very large amount of seeds. Also, it must be Brent's bread that I like better than either Langer's or Junior's. One of these days, as I pull up to Langer's curb for pastrami -- starving -- I'll have a loaf of rye and huge eclair from Brent's already in the car. Out of consideration for children and other squeamish readers, I will omit what happens next.

                                      2. re: jrw8127

                                        I've been there a couple of times in the last few months, and the rye bread containing my pastrami sandwiches was definitely seeded. Doesn't mean they don't offer seedless, though.

                                      3. get sour tomatoes.
                                        hot dog is very fine.
                                        teh cole slaw is terrific.

                                        rye was seedless, when I had it. I got it to go, pulled over on the way to the freeway, and cant believe that I ate only two bites and then brought the entire thing home to the south bay, where I knew my wife was lurking.
                                        I had to share.

                                        1. Langer’s tends to bring the carnivore in me to the forefront. I usually order the Special Platter of Soft Tender Hot Pastrami served with Chopped Liver, Swiss Cheese, French Fries, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Tomato and Pickle. I’ll make a sandwich with the included Rye Bread (ask for an extra slice) to port the leftovers home.

                                          Two intriguing menu items that I have yet to try there are the Braised Ox Joints and the Grilled Liver & Onions. My dilemma is that Langer’s is a virtual field trip for me and I’d likely feel short-circuited if I didn’t get my Pastrami fix.

                                          Hmm, maybe next visit I’ll take the next step … tomorrow?

                                          Thanx for the inspiration, Harry!

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                                          1. re: degustateur

                                            Braised Ox Joints -- that does sound intriguing, degustateur. Especially if I follow ns1's advice and have a half-pastrami sangee w/well-done fries on the side (and don't forget the egg cream -- thank you, sku).

                                          2. Surprised no one has mentioned the tuna melt yet. Langer's makes a very respectable beast of a version. Big enough to feed two. Of course if you're not really a fan of the rye, Harry, then maybe it's not the choice for you.

                                            Looks like it's been 4 days since your original post. What are you waitin' for? Get thee to Langer's already. And tell us what you ate.

                                            N.B. Anybody have descriptions and opinions on their blintzes and/or potato pancakes? Those are two items I usually like to sample and compare in delis. But like most -- other than my foray into tuna -- all my Langer's days have been devoted to cured, smoked meat.

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                                            1. re: wutzizname

                                              whoositz, my target is a visit sometime next week to explore these recommendations. And, by the way, I'm not looking for "very respectable" versions of this or that. I want someone to write in claiming that Langer's Whatever is as good as the pastrami! Or at least equal in quality to, say, the great Junior's breakfast of marinated skirt steak, fried potatoes, and thick, buttery cinnamon toast ... or the corned beef on rye and massive eclairs at Brent's, etc. But your final sentence tells the story for most people so far -- they rarely stray from devotion to the pastrami. As a matter of fact, whatever I have next week, I know I'll take home a pound of "cured, smoked meat."

                                              So, what about breakfast? Anyone had something truly stupendous (and non-pastramic) at Langer's?

                                              1. re: Harry Nile

                                                Like I said above....The corned beef hash is my favorite breakfast item. Yes it is really good

                                                1. re: jkao1817

                                                  As much as I love corned beef, deli-style corned-beef hash has never thrilled me, for some reason. But this is Langer's, so on your recommendation, I'll try it. Strangely, the word "bagel" does not appear anywhere in the above discussion. Have you enjoyed theirs? Thanks.