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Jan 5, 2010 09:27 AM

Brunch for 60th Anniversary

My in-laws will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in Feb (heaven willing). We're planning a Sunday brunch for about 15 people, Westside, SFV, or Conejo. The key requirement is that the place be quiet. The guests of honor don't hear very well, so any place louder than a funeral parlor is a challenge. (OK, I exaggerated a little - but not much.) Obviously, a private room would be ideal.

Places I've found so far that might fit the bill are Chez Mimi, Geoffrey's (probably too pricey), Polo Lounge, and Saddle Peak Lodge. I'd love to do Campanile or Off Vine (if they've reopened) - but they're less desirable geography-wise. Any thoughts about these options? What great places am I missing? Thanks so much for all feedback!

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  1. You might check out the private room of both Il Moro on Olympic and Napa Valley Grille on Westwood. Both are insulated a bit from the main ruckus and have "grown up" but not unapproachable food. Congratulations to your inlaws!

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      The Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica is very quiet and there is a private area off of the main dining room which would definitely work. As well, I think the food would be pleasing. The brunch menu is excellent and far less expensive than the dinner menu.

    2. Saddle Peak Lodge would be a party to remember in it's wonderful one of a kind location and great food.

      Saddle Peak Lodge
      419 Cold Canyon Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302

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        Does Saddle Peak have a private room? I don't recall it having one, though the food is probably the best of the various options listed. And if Geoffreys is too pricey, I cannot imagine Saddle Peak fitting the price range.

        I've been in Il Moro's private room for business celebrations and it is quite nice and definitely fits the bill. The price was also quite reasonable.

        If you consider the Valley, Cafe Bizou is always my go-to place for a reasonably-priced brunch location. For 15 people, you might not get a completely private room, but a room off the main dining area with one of two long tables. We did several birthday brunches for my grandmother and elderly aunt at Bizou, and sound never seemed to be a problem.

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          Thanks to everyone for the feedback so far. Keep it coming!

          I've never been to Saddle Peak, but the website mentions several private dining rooms, including some outdoors. As far as price, their set menus for brunch "events" are far less than Geoffrey's ($25-35 vs. $52 and up). Location is good for our group, too.

          Any feedback on Chez Mimi or Polo Lounge?

          1. re: saberwoman

            If you can do a set brunch at Saddle Peak for $35 per person, absolutely do that. It is a bit of a drive into mountains above Malibu, but it is a unique environment and the food is outstanding and, imo, better than the other places you have mentioned. I am curious what the options are for $35 per person, because that is probably about the average price for an entree on their regular menu. Also, does the brunch come with any game options? While everything is good, they truly excel at game dishes.

            One last thing to bear in mind. Saddle Peak's ambience is "hunting lodge." That means mounted animal heads on the walls and items like lamps made from animal feet around the room. It actually is quite tastefully done, despite how it sounds, but you may want to consider whether it might offend people in your group. I've never had that problem, even with vegetarian friends, but keep that in mind.

            1. re: Jwsel

              Another rec for Saddle Peak Lodge.

              You don't need a private room at Saddle Peak to maintain a quiet and conversation inducing atmosphere (even for the hearing challenged). Either sit outside (weather permitting) or upstairs -- can't go wrong either way.

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                I am really convinced that Pacific Dining Car is the way to go.
                Here is the breakfast menu.