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Jan 5, 2010 09:19 AM

Great NY Noodle Town - menu choices for a non seafood/fish eater?

I am struggling to find a menu online for the Great NY Noodletown and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction?

If not, I wondered if they do the chinese dishes that I enjoy here in the UK:

Sweet and Sour chicken
Crispy shredded beef with chilli
Pan fried noodles with chicken, beef or pork (preferably all three!)
Char Siu pork

Also, so they do pork wonton soup with vegetable or meat filled won tons instead of shrimp? I have a severe seafood allergy.


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      1. re: fourunder

        Thanks guys - do you know if this menu is up to date as the prices seem really low. Also, do you know if they do a vegetable or pork won ton?


        1. re: kansel

          It's an inexpensive restaurant.

          Don't know how severe your seafood allergy is... but I would assume they use the same pans, oil, cooking utensils, etc for everything.

          1. re: kansel

            here's another reference, from NY magazine, but I believe menupages is probably more general, I cannot see the prices being much more than a dollar on any dish on beef, pork or chicken if there were any price increases...seafood prices would be more affected by market prices, but that is not an issue for you since you will not e ordering any. Most places in Chinatown sell won ton or won ton noodle soup bowls with Shanghai Style Won Tons, which are smaller, have more delicate skins and include shrimp. You can ask if they have an all pork wonton, and according to the menu, they have a Vegetable Dumpling option


        2. Their normal wontons have shrimp in them, although I think they may have a veggie option, too. They use the same broth for all wonton soups, as far as I can tell, though. I love their singapore chow fun, which you could ask them to prepare w/o shrimp (it also has pork, veggies, and egg). As another poster said, though, if your allergy is severe, I wouldn't count on the kitchen avoiding cross contamination.

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          1. re: sholli

            Thanks.. allergy not that severe, just can't eat shrimp etc and don't really digest fish too well, so I should be ok re: cross contamination i think.

            Do you know if the menu there is only in chinese or in english as well?

            1. re: kansel

              It is in both but there are specials posted only in chinese if I am remembering correctly.